Curriculum review as part of a shared national vision: Part Four

PART three dramatised the fact that our becoming Zimbabweans in terms of our outlook and values is not something that happens on its own, something that can be left to chance or accidents of history. We have to author that national identity, step by step, bit by bit starting from the nursery world, right up […]

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2014: The year Tocky Vibes stole the thunder

2014: The year Tocky Vibes stole the thunder

AS the curtain comes down on 2014 a lot can be said in retrospect about Zimbabwe’s arts and entertainment industry. This year’s local music industry had its ups and downs. Sungura as one of the country’s favourite genres over the years suffered a blow as the rise of dancehall did not only entertain, but captured […]

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Motivational Corner :Enjoy living every day of your life

By Beatrice Sithole Email: STEPHEN Leacock wrote, “The young child says: when I will become a bigger boy. The boy says : when I become a teenager, and when that time comes he says when I am a man and after all these stages one’s thoughts constantly follow the tune of the following: when […]

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Ex-military people make great administrators

Ex-military people make great administrators

THE foreign-owned press based in this country never tires of spreading malicious propaganda against liberation war veterans who are great heroes in this country. The two newly appointed Vice Presidents of our country comrades, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko are the latest victims of this diabolic propaganda. The Independent of December 12 went to town […]

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Chatham House Report: Zimbabwe’s International Re-engagement The Long Haul to Recovery

By: Knox Chitiyo and Steve Kibble Download full document here

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Take heed of weather updates: Farmers urged

Take heed of weather updates: Farmers urged

THE Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) has urged farmers countrywide to take heed of climate and weather patterns to avoid losing their crops due to shortage of water from global warming effects. Agricultural production in Zimbabwe is dependent on weather and climate despite the impressive advances in agricultural technology over the last decades. All agricultural endeavours […]

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Kitsiyatota will never be the same again

Kitsiyatota will never be the same again

JUST off the road that gets into Bindura Central Business District is a path that leads to a place known as Kitsiyatota. It is a rich piece of land where young, middle-aged and old women as well as youths are realising their dreams. It was a piece of land formerly closed to them by the […]

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It has been a fruitful year comrades

SO finally America and Cuba are mending ties almost 50 years later. I remember l ended last year with the saying zviuya zviri mberi. A decade ago 2015 seemed so far-fetched, almost mythical. Yet, here we almost are. 2014 closes on a strong note. Indeed this was the year that was. Few countries have survived […]

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Manyuchi scoops top award

RENOWNED boxer Charles Manyuchi got an early Christmas present on Wednesday night as he was crowned Sportsperson of the Year and Sportsman of-the-Year at the Annual National Sports Awards in Harare. Manyuchi won a double, shrugging off competition from golfer Scott Vincent and karateka, Winston Nyanhete. Earlier this year, Manyuchi beat Ghana’s Patrick Allotey to […]

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2014 politics in retrospect

2014 politics in retrospect

THE year 2014 will be remembered by many for its dramatic twists and turns on the political scene. It is a year in which some in the political circles would forever curse while for many it was a fruitful year with many historical milestones. Below are some of the major highlights that took the nation […]

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