New HIV drug on Zim market


By Shingirai Mpofu

A NEW drug (Topvein) rumoured to have a 99 percent success rate of curing HIV has illegally penetrated the Zimbabwean market.
An agent who refused to be named and who illegally distributes the medicine claims clients have come forward attesting to the effectiveness of the drug.
The drug made from herbs is administered in the form of capsules and the distributor who spoke on condition of anonymity claims that the herbal medicine completely eradicates the virus.
“In just two months of using Topvein, our patients are beginning to notice positive changes in their health, and we are confident that at the end of their course the virus will be completely flushed from their bodies,” said the source.
The distribution of Topvein is still concentrated in the capital city.
The drug has, however, not been approved or registered with the Medical Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).
According to pundits, only 13 people were tested in Zambia and testimonials of the subjects they insist, are subjective and unproven.
“We do not believe in the drug, it is still most probably in the experimental stage and we do not advise people to use it as we do not know its side effects or effectiveness for that matter,” said a medical expert who refused to be named.
“It is dangerous for people to consume a drug which has not been subjected to vigorous testing.
“The safety and effectiveness of the drug thus remains unanswered.”
Topvein has caused a stir across Africa leaving many with mixed feelings.
Prospects of an HIV cure on the continent are not just exciting, but could be the end of the virus which has contributed to underdevelopment.
HIV despite drugs to counter its effects is still causing deaths on the continent as many who are affected by the virus cannot afford anti-retroviral medication.
Since the outbreak of the virus in 1983, the world has worked tirelessly to try to understand how the virus works and how best it can be managed to prevent loss of life.
As of now meaningful scientific progressions in combating HIV and AIDS has come in the form of antiretroviral drugs which slow the effects of the virus.
Topvein which has hit the streets of Harare is manufactured and distributed internationally by Rocks O’River Merchants under the leadership of one Dr Mendez Fernandez.
Topvein International claims that; “the natural herbal AIDS cure gets rid of all opportunistic infections (viral load) responsible for all the 35 opportunistic diseases found in the AIDS spectrum thereby preventing the occurrence of AIDS, reversing full blown AIDS and preventing subsequent death”.
Topvein International, producers of the drug claim that clinical tests were performed by the National AIDS Council of Zambia in conjunction with the Zambian Government.
Prior to the surfacing of Topvein, the Zambian Government is alleged to have tested three herbal formulas which had different degrees of combating HIV.
According to the manufacturers the three formulas are Topvein (mayeyannin) said to be 99 percent effective, SF-2000 is graded at 70 percent and Mailaicin tagged at 60 percent.
The drug, Topvein, is priced at US$109 per bottle (which contains 35 capsules) on the local market.
For the drug to be effective, according to the producers, patients must not take any form of milk, liquor, cigarette or fizzie drinks.
And also while taking the drug one is not expected to have unprotected sex or multiple sexual partners.
Health experts, however, said people affected with HIV and AIDS must stick to known medicines and not endanger their lives by consuming medicines that have not been subjected to rigorous testing.
In the past, various drugs rumoured to cure HIV and AIDS have been distributed, but none have worked.



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