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Demos that never will

By Elizabeth Sitotombe IT has come to The Patriot’s attention that Peter Mutasa of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC)...

Mourn not the Queen

BRITISH QUEEN ELIZABETH II died on September 8 2022.  She was laid to rest at the King George VI...

Queen no heroine to Africans

Mourn not the Queen


 Indeed sanctions must go

WE are happy that the UN Special Rapporteur, Alena Douhan’s report was officially presented at the recently held United Nations General Assembly.

Boost for anti-sanctions fight

DECIBELS against the illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West rose to a crescendo last week as African leaders re-iterated...

 Safeguard Zimbabwe 


Illegal sanctions must go!

THE amplified chorus for the removal of Western-imposed illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe by the world would have, under normal circumstances, cajoled...

Understanding rabies: Part One …a potentially violent zoonotic disease

ENDEMIC to Zimbabwe, central, east and Southern Africa is the zoonotic viral disease commonly known as rabies, or ‘imbwa mupengo’ – literally...


Apartheid South Africa’s destabilisation of SADC: Part Two…attack on Zimbabwe

By Rutendo Matinyarare SOON after Zimbabwe attained independence on April 18 1980, the country suffered economic and other forms...

‘Yes, together we can’ 

By Tawanda Chenana WE, in the village, like every other citizen in the country, followed closely the visit of...

Let’s catch them young


Lessons from Ukraine: Part One…Africa and the right side of history

RUSSIA’s special military operation to de-militarise and de-Nazify Ukraine is now six months old and, six months is enough time for a...

Nation robbed of greatest resource…rise up heirs of Zimbabwe

“REVOLUTION has been about land everywhere in the world. It is about land because land is the thing on which you live,...


UK threatens wildlife management in Africa

By Emmanuel Koro OBSERVERS worldwide are appalled by the proposed British Government anti-trophy hunting imports Bill. 

Zimbabwe and China strengthen ties

ZIMBABWE’s potential as an attractive tourist and investment destination is estimated at US$4 trillion. As the country opens up...


 ‘Commercialise green bean production’

AS the summer cropping season beckons, one nutritious  crop local farmers can consider producing is green beans, also known as fine beans...

Rabbit farming way to go 

RABBIT farming is fast becoming one of the most profitable small stock ventures for local farmers as the demand for rabbit meat...


Andy Muridzo talented…but women may be his downfall

By Fidelis Manyange ANDREW NDLOVU, known in music circles as Andy Muridzo, is one of the most talented young...

Spare a thought for the girl-child

Jackline’s Rescue  By Jones Abban  Published By Merck Foundation (2021) GIRL-CHILD marriages remain...

Robert Kativhu dreams on


Chatham House Report: Zimbabwe’s International Re-engagement The Long Haul...

By: Knox Chitiyo and Steve Kibble Download full document here

ZANU PF Election Manifesto

Download full documentt here

Constitution Of Zimbabwe


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