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Who is the real statesman?

THE US has, in the media, everywhere, described itself as the ‘free world, the home of democracy, land of opportunity and its president as...

Trump: When a leader fails a nation

I AM tired, I am discouraged, I can’t do this anymore – this would be my reaction to recent events in Charlottesville, if I...
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White supremacy must end

THE Heroes' and Defence Forces' days have come and gone as Zimbabweans converged in different parts of the country, commemorating the sacrifices by gallant...

Trashing common sense …when fugitive finance employs fugitive psychology

By Dr Tafataona Mahoso IT is no coincidence that at a time when the ordinary Zimbabwean feels most alienated and excluded from the current finance...

Comrades saved by fog



Rhodes’ 157 000 claims in 1898

By Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu IT had always been Cecil John Rhodes’ belief that the newly-defeated former Matabeleland Kingdom was highly rich in minerals and...

The Struggle for Land in Zimbabwe (1890-2010)…guerillas down Rhodesian bombers at...

One Hunter flown by Flight Lieutenant Brian Gordon was shot down and crashed just behind Monte Casino (north side), killing him since he failed...


It’s all about the game of numbers

THAT politics is a game of numbers is a fact that only the losing side can dispute. Numbers crossed the borders in search of freedom. Numbers...

‘Thank you President Mugabe’

EDITOR —THE President Cde Robert Mugabe is currently on a ‘meet the youth campaign’ otherwise known as the ‘Presidential Youth Interface Rallies’. Recently, on August...


National agenda scripted in blood

By Charles T.M.J. Dube IT is Heroes’ holiday as I pen this article and each time I write about heroes, I am an angry man. Angry...

A tribute to land heroes in Zimbabwe

By Dr Michelina Andreucci AUGUST is the month we commemorate our heroes who fell during our hard-won struggle for independence and celebrate the gallantry of...


The ‘curse’ of incineration

FOR decades, incineration has been the method used to dispose of infectious wastes. However, incinerators release pollutants that can lead to serious health problems...

Entrepreneurs key to economic growth

IT is time the country embraces entrepreneurs. The nation, in the last decade, has gone through a massive transformation. Blacks are at the forefront of almost...


A look at mushroom diseases

MUSHROOMS are scientifically defined as the fleshy spoor-producing body of any various basidiomycetous fungi, typically consisting of a cap or mushroom head (pileus) at...


Hot couples in showbiz

THE adage: ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ is befitting of musicians who have partnered their spouses, business-wise, especially in Zimbabwe. In a...


Chatham House Report: Zimbabwe’s International Re-engagement The Long Haul...

By: Knox Chitiyo and Steve Kibble Download full document here

ZANU PF Election Manifesto

Download full documentt here

Constitution Of Zimbabwe


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