Africa must take stock 


 We celebrate yet another Africa Day. 

But what are we really celebrating? 

The onslaught on Africa from former colonisers has not stopped. 

Whites have been ‘superior’, since time immemorial, not because they posses any greater mental powers, but for the simple reason that they have mastered the art of presenting themselves as gods and have found worshippers among Africans. 

The whiteman has dominated, grown more powerful and covered a lot of ground not because he possesses any special skills, but has mastered the art of riding the blackman. 

The whiteman continues to commit great crimes against the blackman and the horrible fact is that he is doing it with the connivance of the blackman. 

Whenever Europe gathers, it does so as the EU and comes onto the table united as one people; yet Africa attends these so-called global events not as the AU but Africa made up of participants chosen by Europe. 

When will Africa realise that it is a continent and that it has to decide and determine its destiny on its own without seeking approval or aiming to please the whiteman. 

Zimbabwe has become a template that Africa can look up to, a template that the West wants to destroy to protect its interests across the continent. 

The Zimbabwean struggle is an African struggle and that is a song we have always sung; a song that we will never tire of singing. We will sing it to the end of time. 

Zimbabwe’s voice has not faded or wavered when it comes to what it means to be an African; when it comes to enunciating the needs of the continent; when it comes to asserting the rights and demands of the continent. 

Our country is a shining beacon, it does not matter what our detractors say. 

We continue championing African solidarity and showing the rest of the continent that it can be done. 

When guns were blazing to dislodge vasinamabvi, we would sing about African unity. 

We did not start yesterday to talk about African solidarity, African unity. Africa, like we have always said, is in need of strong leadership to address its myriad problems. 

Our problems have not been as a result of a lack of resources, for we have those in abundance. 

Our problems have persisted as a result of failure to unite and fight for a common cause as a continent. 

The condescending behaviour of the whiteman, his belittling of the African, his disregard of him as a human being and his arrogance will not come to an end as long as there will be Africans who will continue to say ‘yes baas’. 

As long as there are Africans who will not challenge this ‘god’, we will not make progress as Africans. 

It is time to take serious stock. 

The EU always, without fail, will speak with one voice. 

They might disagree but all will adopt a common principle and will stick to it. 

But we cannot do that. 

lnstead of thinking of what is best for the continent and African people, some of us are engrossed and obsessed with being in the ‘good graces’ of the whiteman. 

The superiority of the whiteman is a fallacy. 

If we are truly unite, then we will know that we do not need the West. 

It is the West that needs us for its survival. 


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