All hands on deck


ZIMBABWE’s story is unfolding in a very exciting manner. 

We will remind the world that we did not wait for other countries to liberate us; we took the initiative and they joined us. 

In the same spirit, we are engaged in efforts to turn around our fortunes, and those who wish to support us are welcome.

Our detractors will not succeed in their efforts to set us back. We were put through the wringer and the heat was turned on higher while the screws, true to their word, were tightened.

But we are still standing and forging ahead.

Our detractors might as well ask others who stood in the way of a people determined to shape their own destiny. Our people stand ready to defend our multi-dimensional territory, namely physical, cultural and intellectual territories.

That is who we are; a resilient and determined people who have refused to be cowed.

As the nation went through the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme, many detractors foretold its demise but, as a nation, we relentlessly pursued our people-empowering policies

Today our pieces of land are productive, never mind the challenges, we are working the land to the best of our ability.

Lives, every season, are being transformed.

Let others sing our failures and weaknesses as they do, but we will relentlessly focus on our strengths and celebrate our achievements as a nation and as a unified people.

It is time to unify and run with the national dream, unreservedly.

it is time we rewrite the books of economy that dictate that we, who have the wealth in our soils, are nothing in comparison to those who have the capital.

I implore the media and policymakers to clearly identify and publicise the ordinary citizen’s role in this successful social and economic revolution.

We can no longer afford to remain idle and hope that someone else will run with this vision.

Consequences should be in place for those that sabotage the national dream.

The people of our time are being called to play the role of creator and innovator.

What is unfair about being called to work?

What is unjust about being asked to own and exploit our resources?

How is being ordered to take possession of what is ours oppression?

How do we live the good life if we do not create it?

There are generations that took to heart parts and verses given them and exited the stage painfully but with the satisfaction that they had faithfully served the motherland.

They delivered a flawless act; today we bask in freedom with all it brings and affords us. Future generations must bask in glory and enjoy, glory which they can enjoy because we would not have faltered or shirked from playing our role.

Many are ready to build and establish that which has never been dreamt of.

Clear cut resolutions regarding the economy have been made and all that is left is for citizens to deliver.

Many of us never saw the squalor, the deprivation and sub-human conditions of Rhodesia.

There was, and will, never be anything beautiful about that dreadful era.

Blinded by the love of money, gripped by the spirit of selling-out for individual benefit, some have forgotten the significance and agenda of the liberation struggle.

We will remind them.

The West needs us more than we need them but they cannot stomach coming to operate and work with us under conditions we have set.

They cannot ‘bow down’ to African desires, to black desires, to Zimbabwe’s desires.

They want to come and ‘loot’ our resources under terms they have set.

The fist that has tried to crush us in the past has now been clothed with a velvet glove.

And it remains lethal.

We are not anti-progress or anti-development, we are just wiser.

For long we were abused.
And we now say: No more.

Zimbabwe is succeeding, period!


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