Always safeguard Zimbabwe


WE at The Patriot have always said our goal is to tell the Zimbabwean story without fear, favour or prejudice.

We have covered stories of quislings, men and women who have allowed themselves, for the love of money and fame, to derail efforts of the liberation struggle and the aspirations of the masses.

We have brothers and sisters so besotted with being accepted in Western citadels that they will do everything and anything, including insulting and maligning their own, for the dollar and other fringe benefits.

Our message has always been that there is more to life as an African, as a Zimbabwean, than the so-called benefits that come with embracing Western ideals.

We have unequivocally castigated those among us who have been willing to be used.

However, we also write about those who stand for, and defend, our identity. 

We really do not care about their politics but if they are defending Zimbabwe, then we are even happier.

“Tinoda Zimbabwe neupfumi hwayo hwose,” so sang Zimbabweans during the liberation struggle, and that song we continue to sing to date.

Most important in our interactions on the various fora, in or outside the country, is the realisation that we are first and foremost Africans and that we have certain fundamental beliefs that define and make us who we are.

These beliefs and values we cannot afford to discard — for anything. 

“Nhamo inhamo hayo amai havaroodzwi,” goes a popular Shona saying.

Indeed, it is heartening to note that there are some in our midst who are beginning to appreciate their ‘Africanness’ and, in the process, celebrating being Zimbabwean. 

The Zimbabwean story cannot be told by The Patriot alone because it is too big a story that requires every citizen to contribute. We must not leave our former colonisers to tell our story. 

In fact, they have no idea what it means to be African, yet they are bent on having a say on the continent.

While we might have our differences, ideologically and politically as Zimbabweans, our hunhu/ubuntu binds us together.

Indeed, there is more that joins us than separates us.

We are Zimbabweans and proud ones for that matter.

None, but ourselves can tell our story.

Our ‘Zimbabweanness’ is where we draw our inspiration and livelihood from.

Speaking with one voice is what will carry the day for the country, while growth and development will only be realised when we all contribute towards protecting the country from common enemies.

Let us all be reminded that cohesion will be critical as we heard towards the 2023 harmonised elections. 

Elections will be held, without doubt, and this is a Zimbabwean decision that is not determined by outside forces.

And when those forces try to disrupt our processes, they will not succeed if we can all see that there are some among us who come not with the intention to build, but 

Victory will be achieved by posing questions to these ‘philanthropic’ forces for their responses will inform us of their intentions. 

Zimbabwe is our country. 

Let us always safeguard it.


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