Are we ideologically transformed?


OUR liberation struggle is something we must never stop talking about because our nation is anchored on it. 

The Americans, for example, never tire of talking about their founding fathers and the ideals they set for their nation.

Therefore, as long as we have Zimbabweans in our midst who are tired of the liberation struggle discourse, then the very liberation struggle has not delivered anything.

If we are in that frame of mind, of wanting to do away with the liberation discourse, then the country is in danger of going back to the dogs; back to the very same oppressors we fought against.

If we possess that kind of mentality, how do we account for ourselves to both the departed and the living? 

We gained independence on April 18 1980 and now, 41 years later, should we be done talking about our brothers and sisters who never came back home so that we could have, among many other freedoms, freedom of speech and expression?

It’s a pity.

Pardon me, but how ideologically bankrupt can we get when we are convinced not to talk about the struggle which is ongoing; and convinced to do so by people who celebrate, everyday, victories of their nations achieved some 300 years ago!

The bitter truth is that we are physically liberated, but we have not mentally transformed as a nation. 

Do we know who we are and how Zimbabwe came about? 

Have we been ideologically transformed, because at this rate, the ideologies we entertain are corrosive. 

In fact, they are politically and culturally corrosive.

Why should we forget our invaluable history and why should our children not be taught about Matenje in Mozambique and Chifombo in Zambia during the liberation struggle?

The genocide committed by Rhodesians at Chimoio and Nyadzonia must never be forgotten. 

The Jews, for example, have not forgotten and we are not quite sure if they have forgiven.  

The Afrikaners ‘next door’ still remember their Boer War and we are not quite sure if they have forgiven too.

However, we Zimbabweans, yes we, many of us, even the silent ones, are complicit. 

Some of us are moral and physical cowards for encouraging others to forget crimes committed against us.

Yes, we can forgive, but to forget is an act of treachery.

Forgetting serves nothing, but creates a vacuum in the mind – a vacuum needed by our very enemies so that they can, in place of our ideologies, put in theirs.

The very same enemies and mischief-makers who occupied our physical spaces a century ago are now coming through the backdoor to occupy our mental spaces.

Sadly, some, for ‘30 pieces of silver’, have given up their mental space to foreign ideologies.

However, their treacherous noise will not carry the day for we have not forgotten, and we will not forget, and will not stop talking of the liberation struggle and we will not stop fighting.

Surely, anyone who demands that we forget and not talk about our liberation struggle is worse than a traitor. 

Such people need help — morally and ideologically!


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