Be wary of US interference


THE interference by the United States in affairs of sovereign States in its efforts to influence  political leaders who get into power often has disastrous effects on the indigenes, where this policy succeeds.

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and, more recently, Ukraine are some of the examples.

Beneficiaries of American favour should never fool themselves by thinking they will ever be considered equals with American citizens.

For the US,  national interest is always supreme.

Let’s look at Libya.

America and its European allies, disturbed by Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s nationalistic pride, feared he might succeed in influencing the rest of Africa to abandon the American dollar for a common African currency.

To get rid of him, they influenced non other than the Libyans themselves to rise against him. 

The once prosperous Libya has since lost its oil wells to Western companies.

As soon as its interests were served, the Americans left Libyans to fight among themselves

Not a single American has died in the conflict as Libyans kill each other.

The Americans did the same in Afghanistan.

When they saw the body count of American nationals growing at the hands of the Talibans, they left in a hurry.

Afghani soldiers fighting on their side were left at the mercy of Talibans, with the Americans quite comfortable back home.

Ukraine is a more recent case.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was heavily backed by America, was elected into office in 2019 at the age of 41.

The youthful President avoided serious discussion about policy when campaigning. 

However, the outgoing President,  Petro Poroshenko, described the comedian as ‘too inexperienced’.

And Zelensky’s naivety did not take long to be exposed.

Instead of guaranteeing that his country would remain neutral, he started indicating his intention to join NATO.

But Russia is not prepared to have American and NATO missiles  next door since it shares  the same border with Ukrainre.

In 1962, US President John Kennedy would not have Russian  missiles in Cuba, which is 90 miles from America.

More interested in pleasing America than the safety of his people, Zelensky continued with his NATO rhetoric.

The  inexperienced comedian was not aware of the gravity of his pronouncements.

He overly trusted America, believing that the US would always protect his country.

As a preemptive measure, Russia’s Vladimir Putin struck.

Not a single American nor a NATO soldier dared come to Ukraine to save  Zelensky .

Today  Ukraine’s cities are in ruins and over 10 million people homeless.

These are the very people the youthful Zelensky promised he would never let down.

Thus Americans may promise you heaven on earth, but when it comes to national interest, America comes first.

We have a similar situation here in Zimbabwe.

The youthful and inexperienced CCC leader is heavily backed by the US. 

A number of American-funded NGOs and Civil Society Organisations are funding this political outfit. 

When Nelson Chamisa says  whites will flock back to Zimbabwe if he wins the 2023 polls, he is exposing his naivety.

Remember, he once boasted he had been promised billions by a certain American President. 

The whites , even if they flood back into this country, will not be for our good, but for their personal interests.

They want to milk our country without restraint and to get back their farms.

Like in the case of Ukraine, the interests of Americans and the rest of the whites will override those of the indigenes, in the unlikely event that the CCC wins the elections in 2023.


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