Bullies have no place in Africa 


 THE US proposed Act to punish African governments that Uncle Sam deems to be co-operating with Russia demonstrates to what extend the overly paternalistic attitude of this supposed superpower has grown. 

It is so nauseating that the US can decide to compromise the sovereignty of a whole continent’s States without any thought of possible consequences. 

But should Africa cower, tuck its tail between its legs and succumb to the bully tactics? 

A united sovereign Africa should never sink that low. 

On Wednesday, May 25, the continent celebrated Africa Day (AU), marking 59 years since the founding of the OAU in 1963. 

Key among the objectives of this memorable day was to instill, in Africa, the need to be united. The vision was to see a united Africa speaking with one voice, just like the US itself. 

But alas, it has not been so. 

We were so much mentally colonised and made to depend on our former oppressors for economic salvation that a united Africa still remains a pipe dream. 

This is why the US has no qualms about passing a law threatening the vast continent of Africa with punitive measures if it does not tow the line. 

However, this latest Act is only a macrocosm of the condescending attitude of Uncle Sam. 

It has already done worse. 

But America would never have had the guts to to bully a whole continent of 54 sovereign States if it knew compliance was not a given. 

It’s a fact that the US has decided to bully Africa in order to have an upper hand in its proxy war with Russia over Ukraine. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, a dwarf in giant robes, thought he was big enough to provoke Russia into a war on behalf of NATO and the US. This was not because he loved his people less, but he loved America more. 

Where does Africa feature in all this? With the proposed anti- Russia ‘malign’ Act, Africa is now being forced to side with the US in whatever dispute with whom it picks a fight, Russia included. 

And yet Africa has no historical obligation to do so. 

Otherwise if forced to take sides, Africa would never side with the US or the West. 

After all, Africa has not yet recovered from the trauma of of slavery and all it entailed at the hands of the Americans. 

NATO is no saint either. 

Africa is aware that NATO, the chief protagonist in the Ukraine conflict, isno darling of Africa at all. 

For we know the nucleus of NATO are countries at the forefront of the 1885 Berlin Conference, which dismembered the continent. 

This reduced Africa to unwieldy States based on the interests of their colonisers. 

How can the US expect Africa to support Uncle Sam and NATO against Russia in a war that does not concern it? 

If anything, Africa has an obligation to support Russia, which stood by it in its fight against colonialism. 

As reflected by the UN General Assembly vote, condemning Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, Africa infuriated the US by showing its neutrality. Indeed, that was the correct diplomatic and pragmatic stance for Africa. 

Africa should never be bullied by its former colonisers as it has the resources to support itself. 

A united Africa, as envisaged by AU Agenda 2063, will see the emergence of a continent that will be a global powerhouse. 

This way, the dream of our founding fathers would have been achieved, albeit 100 years later.


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