COVID-19 deaths spike in Europe…while Zimbabwe sees nothing wrong


THE whole of Europe is witnessing a growing death toll from COVID-19 as Zimbabwe is criticised over its carefree attitude. 

The coronavirus outbreak has turned into a global pandemic as the world writhes under the heavy onslaught of its population. 

Thousands of people are dying because of this virus. 

Only a few are being recorded and passed on as statistics. 

Some countries hide the figures in order to protect their images. 

Many nurses in Europe, moreso in England, are contracting this disease while an estimation of four in every seven health workers have the virus. 

But in a bid to avoid panic, the figures are greatly played down. 

In England, people are advised to quarantine themselves and are asked to come to hospital only when they get serious. 

The actual number of the infected will never be known since only the few who end up in hospitals are recorded.

World Health Organisation said the outbreak, which has been teetering on the verge of a pandemic for weeks, had now surpassed the level of epidemic and warned the worst was still to come.

The UK is experiencing a rise in the infected and the dying. 

Germany has reported a huge percentage spike in cases, taking the official toll to unimagined figures — mind you these are only those who were reported to the authorities. 

WHO has called the crisis a pandemic while many countries have called it a national disaster.

The UN health body, which has previously described the situation as a ‘public health emergency of international concern’, defines a pandemic as an epidemic that spreads throughout the world through local transmission.

As an increasing number of people who haven’t been to China continue catching the virus, it seems only a matter of time till we start having those very close to us dying.

The COVID-19 outbreak has so far killed more than 15 000 people and infected over 194 000 worldwide.

Italy is the second worst affected nation after China. 

Worldwide, schools, colleges and universities are closed as well as shops.

The death of a 70-year-old preacher in Iraq marks the first fatality in the Middle East outside of Iran which released tens of thousands of prisoners to avoid spreading the virus after its cases soared to more than 10 000, including 1 500 deaths.

China’s Ambassador to the UN claimed his country is winning in the fight against the virus after daily cases hit a six-week-low. 

China is concentrating on repairing its image which has been damaged by the publicity surrounding the virus. 

India has revealed its number of confirmed coronavirus cases had jumped, with over one million people quarantined. 

Italy has banned kissing and hugging while ordering the over-75s to stay in their homes for a month.

And now they have locked down a number of cities and are encouraging a ‘social distance’ in areas where a complete ban is not in place.

WHO admitted the ‘decline in China is real’, dispelling rumours that China had been masking the true scale of the outbreak.

The virus is petering out in the outbreak’s epicentre as millions of citizens are forced to stay in their homes.

But Zimbabwe must demystify the common thinking that black people are not being affected by the virus.

No one is immune to COVID-19.

All measures to prevent the spread of the virus must be taken seriously; we must wash our hands and practice some social distancing despite overcrowding in some sections of our society.

In high density areas, great precaution must be taken, especially in those areas with water challenges. 

Most important, let us desist from queueing, especially in banks. Financial institutions should stop people from coming to banking halls; people must accept electronic transactions, without putting premiums on them.

It is time we all take necessary measures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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