Crocker’s dream remains a mirage


CHESTER CROCKER must by now have realised, if his main intention for the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA) was to see the Zimbabwe electorate revolt against the ZANU PF Government as the economy ‘screamed’, he has failed dismally.

True, the illegal economic sanctions have had an adverse effect on the country’s economy, but successive general elections have shown that the electorate has stood by ZANU PF.

This is not the first time the Zimbabwean polity has baffled Western imperialists.

During the liberation struggle, Ian Smith, with the backing of his Western cousins, created the Selous Scouts.

This notorious wing of the Rhodesian Army was created to imitate the liberation fighters in their dressing, the guns they carried and their battle cry.

They would then visit villages, causing all sorts of atrocities in the name of the freedom fighters.

The povo saw through all this and would never be separated from the ZANU PF combatants.

And to make their trickery even more mischievous, most of the members were blacks fighting for the whiteman’s cause.

Whites who joined this notorious group would paint themselves black, but they were soon exposed.

There were also black traitors, like Morris Nyathi, who were not ashamed to betray their heritage by assisting Smith and his Rhodesians butcher fellow blacks.

Treachery on the part of blacks is not a thing of the past yet.

Like days of old, the MDC, which morphed into the CCC, reminds us of the Selous Scouts.

Here is a political outfit for blacks, masquerading as a genuine nationalist movement in order to mislead its followers.

And yet this pseudo nationalist party has been calling for sanctions to be imposed on its own people, just as the Selous Scouts murdered their own people.

Like Crocker, these political misfits had hoped the electorate would dissociate itself from ZANU PF.

We have people in the structureless and leaderless CCC who have literary gone down on their knees, begging Americans to tighten sanctions on their own people.

We know them.

And their late leader Morgan Tsvangirai even urged South Africa to cut electricity supply to Zimbabwe as a way of tightening sanctions.

And a ‘screaming’ economy was expected to see Zimbabweans voting for the Western-sponsored political party as an alternative to the indigenous ZANU PF. 

This has not happened and is unlikely to happen any time soon.

The CCC, just like the MDC of old, has this habit of timing important events to maximise adverse publicity of their country.

For instance, the whole world knows that SADC chose October 25 every year as the Day of Solidarity Against Sanctions on Zimbabwe.

On this day, SADC states will stand together and defy Uncle Sam as they denounce the illegal unilateral sanctions against Zimbabwe.

This is a special day on the SADC calendar.

Rudely awakened when the ZANU PF juggernaut roared into life as demonstrated at Chiredzi and Mutasa rallies, CCC is now running in circles.

It is clear for all to see that even the worst victims of the illegal sanctions are solidly behind the revolutionary party despite the intended hardships.

The CCC now wants to distract the region in their preparation for October 25.

The Western puppets have now gone hysterical, stage-managing and complaining about violence, torture and abductions of members of their structureless party.

They want, not only SADC but the world at large to focus on Zimbabwe, not as a victim of illegal sanctions but instead to back tightening of sanctions as a disciplinary measure against ZANU PF. 

But they won’t be able to fool anyone anymore. 

Their lies are now seen as what William Shakespeare would have described as “…tales told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” 

Just as last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to lead this year’s anti-sanctions commemorations on Tuesday.

Uncle Sam is bound to feel the heat, as not only SADC, but a number of other progressive African counties are expected to call for the immediate removal of the illegal punitive measures.

This comes soon after Africa unreservedly expressed its disgust at the illegal measures at the UN General Assembly in New York recently.

Meanwhile, Crocker’s belief that sanctions would force the Zimbabwean electorate to revolt against ZANU PF remains a pipe dream.


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