Do not be hoodwinked


A ROSE by any other name is still a rose, it has been said.

And it is a truth.

Lately the naive young fellow of the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) is going around spewing lies claiming to be a messiah of sorts.

Tomorrow our citizens go to vote in the by-elections.

Do not be hoodwinked.

This is not a new party.

These fellows have been around and all they have to show is destruction, especially of our cities and towns.

Sadly, some will believe and agree that they have something to offer; the truth, however, is that nothing good will come from the yellow quarter.

They have failed to the extent of needing to rebrand because the old brand had just become too embarrassing an entity to be associated with.

As a nation, we are addressing our challenges in a sustainable way that will ensure inclusive growth.

When whole grown men and women lie to the nation that they will deliver millions of United States dollars, some of us cannot help but laugh.

It is a ludicrous claim.

Did they not at one time promise us billions of US dollars and not a cent came our way during the Inclusive Government era.

What riles puppets and their handlers is that we are doing our things on our own.

Yes we can, and will continue to prove it.

We have capacitated, and are capacitating, our institutions to deal with whatever issue or case that needs to be dealt with.

This lack of confidence, in some of us, which borders on accepting that, as a country, we are barbarians incapable of taking care of ourselves and solving our problems is disconcerting.

When men and women in opposition politics stutter and fail to spell out the simple truth that the West seeks our destruction where are we going as a nation?

There is a misconception that the whiteman (vasinamabvi/abangela madolo) came to civilise us, the black race.

In fact, it is sad that there are some among us who think the whiteman is our saviour.

This belief is tantamount to madness.

There is no sane individual who can believe that the whiteman travelled thousands of kilometres, crossing dangerous oceans, risking all, just to come and help us.

The truth is the whiteman came here to steal, kill and destroy and that is why they stole our land from our ancestors, looted their cattle and made our forefathers slaves in their own country.

The injustices they perpetrated on us can never be forgotten nor forgiven.

It is a lack of belief and faith that has seen some people fail to grasp the fact that the country, in a decade or less, will be the place to be – not can, but will be.

I sincerely hope that the element lacking belief and confidence is made up of a few individuals.

Even during the liberation struggle, we had kith and kin who collaborated with the enemy, but still we prevailed so we cannot afford to lose sleep over them or allow them to spoil things for everyone.


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