Lament over decaying city


THE official launch, in Epworth, of the ZANU PF campaign for the March 26 By-elections by President Mnangagwa set the tone for the rigorous political gymnastics on the electoral field for the next five weeks.

The President’s message was simple.

He outlined what his Party had achieved, was doing at present and what it intended to do, with the people in mind.

The President also looked at the track record of the Western-backed CCC, which has been running down urban centres for the past 20 years.

For starters, the large turnout by the enthusiastic crowd was an assurance that the bond that existed, and still exists, between the masses and ZANU PF is still as strong as ever.

How can it not be when the memories of the liberation struggle are still very much alive.

Added to that was the fact that the land, which had been the rallying point during the struggle against settler-rule, was now firmly in our hands.

And the masses remained united with their Party, especially considering that the vanquished colonialists were trying to come back through the backdoor. 

They were doing this by supporting the puppet Nelson Chamisa-led fractious MDC, which had recently morphed into CCC.

The analogy given by the President, of how it was easier to walk to China than to walk to State House, must have sent cold shivers down the spines of the West.

No doubt, they must have been misled by social media make-believe fantasy which created the impression their puppet was in the driving seat.

The President found time to give a proud record of what his Government has done, especially in urban areas, where the CCC had dismally failed to carry out its duties.

Because of his concern with the plight of the urban folk, the Government had gone out of its way by taking over from local authorities the task of rehabilitating roads.

Many motorists had fallen victim to the many potholes that litter urban roads.

Shortage of clean water has seen the Government taking an active role in the drilling of boreholes countrywide, urban areas included.

The construction of major dams to make sure our major cities of Harare and Bulawayo have enough clean water shows the Government’s concern for its urban folk.

The policy of leaving no-one behind is inclusive.

President Mnangagwa again emphasised the urgency of development, the hallmark of the Second Republic.

And nothing could have sounded sweeter to the ears of the residents of Epworth than the promise by the President that when modalities were completed, they would be given title deeds.

“We have decided that we should give title deeds to residents in settlements like Epworth, Harare South and Caledonia,” pledged the President.

Surely there is no greater incentive for one to develop his home than ownership of title deeds. While the ZANU PF Government has something to show, the record of the CCC, which is dreaming of forming the next Government, is appalling.

We wonder how a party unable to run urban councils can manage Central Government!

Urban centres are an eyesore.

Refuse collection is not a priority for the CCC city fathers if we are to go by the nauseating heaps of garbage along roads which are in turn littered with potholes.

Generally, healthcare appears to be of little concern to these CCC councillors as most council clinics are now moribund.

Hawkers, vendors and money changers rule the roost on our city pavements with no one to control them.

Worse still, the inept Harare City Council is not even able to send bills to residents, while at the same time demanding hefty rates from the same.

No wonder the President had no kind words for the CCC urban service delivery.

“There are potholes everywhere in towns. Refuse is not being collected, sewage is flowing everywhere and all they can chant is CCC, while sewage is flowing,” lamented the President.


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