Let’s celebrate but remain vigilant


AS we celebrate our Independence Day on Monday April 18, while it will be imperative to take stock of our achievements, it is equally compelling that we should not be victims of euphoria and lower our guard.

Of special note is that the main events are going to be held in Bulawayo.

This is the first time since 1980 that the main events, to revive our memories of the liberation struggle and what it entails, have been held outside the capital.

The advent of the Second Republic in November 2017 sought to put our independence trajectory back on track.

For there had been some moles that had infiltrated the revolutionary party, determined to wipe out the revolutionary legacy.

That is why Operation Restore Legacy had to come to the rescue.

And the Second Republic has shown its resolve to spread the fruits of independence to every corner of the country.

This tallies with our 42nd Independence Day celebrations theme: “Zim@42: Leaving No One and No People Behind”.

This is in line with their determination to promote unity, devolution, decentralisation and development.

What with new schools and clinics sprouting all over the country.

And as Hwange Power Station expansion nears completion, it won’t be long an independent Zimbabwe becomes energy self-sufficient.

Surely, we are then made to realise the blood of our brave boys and girls was not shed for nothing as several developmental beacons stare at us right in the face.  Indeed development is being witnessed countrywide.

Dams are being constructed in an effort to climate-proof our agriculture, bridges are being built and roads are being rehabilitated.

Already the Government has pledged ZWL17 billion for the second phase of the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) to cleanse the opposition urban mess. No one and no place is going to be left behind including moribund urban centres ruined by CCC councillors. This explains why the main events for celebrations are no longer an exclusive privilege of Harare.

But of course, the rest of the other the 42nd anniversary celebrations will be held in all the provinces and districts of the country.

However, for a start, for the first time this year all roads will be leading to Bulawayo for the main Independence celebrations this year.

But as we celebrate, we must not forget hurdles thrust in our way as we complete another year of independence.

COVID-19 pandemic was one such disturbance.

People died and production was slowed down through restrictions enforced to minimise the spread of this deadly virus. The sterling work by Government to save lives, especially through procurement of vaccines, is commendable.

This was despite the continuation of illegal sanctions imposed by the West.

We have managed to use our own resources, as opposed to relying on handouts, to build our country.

The determination of Uncle Sam has seen an emergence of NGOs sponsored with vast sums of money to effect regime change.

But then what else can you expect from a people we defeated to gain our Independence? We know the United States is now concentrating on sponsoring vicious online digital activism.

The thrust here is to spread falsehoods in order to to give a picture of an evil and undemocratic Government, worth to be brought down even by violence.

There are willing disciples like Citizen Manifesto, Bus Stop TV and Magamba Network just to mention a few. Not to be left out are individuals like Hopewell Chin’ono and Mdudhuzi Mathuthu.

Backed by the generous cash from Uncle Sam all these have joined forces in promoting the cause of Nelson Chamisa’s Western sponsored CCC.

However, we will be celebrating on Monday confident that our Independence is secure, if we are to go by the drubbing Uncle Sam’s proxy got at the recent by-elections.


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