Let’s nurture real patriots 


MANY of us have lost our cultural and spiritual bearings over the last years and it is imperative that we restore a sense of purpose and self-respect.

Our young people are presently the target of everyone including forces that do not want to see Zimbabwe prosper.

All young people need guidance, direction and support from the older generations and it is through explaining our values and ideologies to them that they may be nurtured into real patriots who believe in their own country.

Our tradition and heritage as Zimbabweans should never be compromised. 

All values that promote and instill hunhu/ubuntu should be entrenched in the hearts of Zimbabweans.

Times might be difficult but that is no excuse for our students to sell their self-short and sell out.

They must be part and parcel of the entrepreneurial endeavours to earn a decent living.

We will not accept claims that we have failed our children.

Our children must be taught that they are not inferior.

There are those who will have a smirk on their faces at the mention of the word equals.

But we are equals for we do not feel inferior for we are not and that is why we have always had problems with the West.

The West insists we are inferior and that we should behave as such.

We will not.

To armchair critics everything is and should be about the West.

But it is not.

We will negotiate on our terms with whoever we want.

Zimbabwe is destined for growth and it will develop in leaps and bounds.

Prophets of doom may prophesy, but this will not make their prophecies any true, they will not come to fruition.

We have gone through a lot as a country.

The scars of the liberation struggle are still fresh.

The scars of the illegal economic sanctions are still with us causing unbearable pain.

We have faced many challenges and we have emerged victorious, every time.

We will continue telling our story.

Success it is said can only be achieved when people take greater accountability and ownership of processes.

If we desire wealth and a good life then we must fight for it, work for it.

It will not be handed to us by the Americans or the British.

We cannot look up to them, we must look at ourselves.

This is one message that must be delivered and understood by our people in the country and the region.

The battles, the difficult ones, have already been fought for us and what is demanded of us is consolidation of our achievements.

No doubt our liberation struggles were successful because everyone was accountable.

The message was clear; iwe neni tine basa/mina lawe silomsebenzi.

And everyone, at the rear, at the front, in the villages, in the cities, wherever they were, everyone played their part.

Let us always remember that the day belongs to those who seize it and not those who mourn about the lack of sunshine.


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