Linking problems to solutions


THE Second Republic has presented us with many exciting events and we expect 2023 to be no less special.

Our detractors wrongly foretold our demise but we are still standing and thriving.

We are a nation relentlessly pursuing its policies and empowering its people.

As The Patriot, we shall continue to celebrate our successes and achievements, even louder.

The year 2023 is an election year and it is important that our citizens get to appreciate the real story concerning our beloved motherland.

Our detractors will go into overdrive painting the worst possible picture far from the truth and reality on the ground.

We shall continue reminding Zimbabweans of their past, their present and their future.

Our enemies, who desire our downfall, will trumpet our ‘failures’ and ‘weaknesses’ but we shall relentlessly focus on our strengths and celebrate our achievements as a nation and a unified people. 

The only sad thing is that, among us will be those who regard themselves lowly and are ready to do the bidding of outsiders.

What legacy are we leaving our children when we display such strong colonial hangovers?

What are our children supposed to learn from us when they see us continue to blindly follow our former colonial masters, when they prescribe and we silently partake without questioning?

What kind of a Zimbabwean are we producing — one who fails to rally behind national causes?

What picture are we painting for our children when we, as a people, cannot speak with one voice.

We must cease, all of us, not just some of us, apologising for being Zimbabwean, for being African.

The cornerstone of Britishness is ‘God save the King’ and every young person loyal to the British Crown is fully cognizant of this fact. 

But it seems we are not ready to infuse the spirit of loyalty and love for the motherland in our youths. 

Is it not logical for Zimbabwean youths to celebrate and cherish their country’s heritage, glory and achievements, in the way we see fit? 

Should they forget about their past and throw away national ideals out of the window because of the infiltration of Western cultures and norms? 

We learn from our past, which the likes of the US wants us to forget. 

Our tradition and heritage as Zimbabweans should never be compromised. Any values that promote and instill hunhu/ubuntu should be entrenched in the hearts of Zimbabweans. 

Taking pride in being Zimbabwean and prioritising national ideals while fully serving the country should be encouraged among youths. 

It is in this spirit that we must clearly spell out our values, national ethos and vision for the future.

It is time to unite and run with the national dream.

Our economy is ticking and out of the induced coma.

Things are moving according to plan as the Second Republic links problems to solutions.


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