Lots to do in 2022 but…


LET us all think about 2022 and our objectives for the year. We want development and more development in our country, but we have a serious problem that must be nipped in the bud.

The mismanagement and looting in our institutions are symptoms of the deadly disease of selfishness that will destroy us if it continues unchecked, especially at a personal level.

If we do not change our attitude and behaviour at individual level, then it is hopeless to think that the nation and our systems will change for the better.

The fight against corruption begins with me, with you, with all of us.

It is viewing things like selfishness and treating them as mundane and normal that is doing us damage.

We only have to go back in time to know what is right. 

Great Zimbabwe, Luswingo and Khami monuments are all evidence of a people determined to assert themselves as a productive people driven by the idea of the long-game.

Unfortunately, the idea of the long-game, which is generally about the nation, has been substituted by the short-game, which is more to do with the individual.

We all can become affluent people for we have the resources, but the pursuit of wealth must not be at the expense of others and costly to the nation.

If we are to go forward and thrive as a nation, selfishness must be eradicated.

We should not seek to be better than the next person, but to improve our lot as a people.

The agro sector is a very good example of how we can all benefit, become rich and self-sustaining without prejudicing others.

All of us, on our pieces of land, small and big, are thriving.

How the ‘new’ farmers help each other and support each other is a perfect example of how working together will see us all grow.

While competition is healthy, there is absolutely no need to operate with the idea to outdo the next person.

We must not seek to be bigger just for the sake of being bigger or to win for the sake of winning, but our victories must have a broader impact. 

They must benefit the nation, and if they do not, then we are doomed.

We must all work with the idea of improving and making better our various arenas driven by the desire to leave this our nation a better place.
All of us have a responsibility, not only to ourselves or immediate members of our families, but to future generations.

It is time we revert to our tradition, a tradition that valued the protection of families and the land as well as systems that govern our lives.
The taboos and norms we have discarded for foreign ones, which we do not understand, served a critical purpose.

These taboos ensured that, despite colonisation, we were not annihilated.

There are nations and peoples who were decimated, with some becoming extinct, as a result of colonisation.

However, we survived because our systems were strong and they withstood the onslaught of invaders.
Those in positions of influence and power must appreciate the fact that there is no better way of empowering others than ensuring that subordinates develop and grow.


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