Message to young fundis


ONCE again we are in the season of graduation ceremonies.

Our brilliant sons and daughters of the soil are being capped at various institutions of education in the country.

It is cruicial that our young citizens know that we are not yet out of the woods as the nation continues to grapple with the various challenges induced by the sanctions imposed on the country by Britain and its allies.

Jobs will not be readily available but Government has put in place policies that will empower the innovative and hardworking among us.

Government has created opportunities for those willing to create employment.

I appeal to our graduates to take up and be actively involved in our discourses, to be part of the agenda of shaping our nation to become a force to reckon with.

We are all in the process of rekindling the Zimbabwean spirit, of restoring confidence in ourselves, we want to be ourselves in the family of nations and not apologise for who we are.

Our youth leaving institutions of learning must have a strong sense of purpose and patriotism.When a person receives an education, he or she is empowered.

The idea is to transform him/her into a better citizen.

Zimbabwe will do well and emerge victorious because her children, the boy-child and girl-child, have received and continue to receive, equal opportunities.

We have not been afraid to embark on the various programmes of empowerment such as indigenisation because we believe in the capabilities of our people.

Youths have a duty to shape the future of Zimbabwe in a positive manner. 

The Second Republic has proven that issues of youth empowerment are a priority through practical and direct approaches. 

The thrust toward youth empowerment is clear testimony that they are the heirs of this beautiful country called Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe and all its endless and limitless endowments. It is therefore incumbent upon the youth to leverage on the skills and education they have acquired from institutions of learning.

They need to be pro-active in employment generation, creation and preservation. Young people should be inventive and innovative in aiding the country to reach the 2030 milestone of an upper middle income economy.

 Empowerment of young people is central that is why recently at a graduation ceremony the President was ecstatic at the exploits of one hardworking, Tinashe Ziki by offering a challenge in sugarcane farming in the Lowveld. 

There are so many such young people who are excelling in various fields. The level of patriotic zeal by young people will surely usher a new dawn in the country as far as economic emancipation and empowerment is concerned.

 As in the war of liberation for independence it took selfless dedication and commitment. So should it be with the economic emancipation fight.

The country they call theirs did not come about easily, many young people died for it, even exchanged books for guns to rescue it from colonial bondage. 

We need patriotic and disciplined youth who have respect for national values.

As youths  you are not only working to achieve greatness for yourself but for your children and children’s children.

The future should marvel at your exploits.


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