NGOs at it again


THE unimpressive showing by CCC in the March 26 2022 by-elections has seen the US and its Western allies redouble their efforts to influence their proxies, in the form of political NGOs, to destabilise the country as 2023 harmonised elections draw close.

In the March 26 by-elections, while ZANU PF retained all its seats, CCC lost ground in urban centres, its perceived stronghold.

Not only that, ZANU PF even managed to recapture a rural seat, Mutasa South that it had lost to the Western-backed outfit in the previous elections.

This was a bitter pill for the West to swallow. 

The turbulence we are now witnessing with our currency is a result of manipulation by regime change kingpins.

Just imagine how spontaneously retail prices of basic commodities have gone haywire.

The invisible hand of the enemy is quite apparent, as demonstrated by the steep and rapid fall of the Zimbabwean dollar on the black market.

Somebody is pulling the strings from somewhere.

The intention here is to make the electorate suffer and have the ZANU PF Government blamed for it.

A disgruntled people then become fair game for manipulation mischief makers.

The masterminds behind all this are hoping for an uprising and discrediting the Government for the expected ensuing chaos.

Soon we will be hearing civil society organisations like varsity dropout Obert Masaraure’s Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) calling for mass demos to paralyse the country.

All this will be in response to Western countries that are urging these traitors to plunge the country into turmoil.

And for that, they are being rewarded handsomely by this notorious American outfit called National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The intended ensuing chaos is what NED deems ‘promotion of democracy’.

For they claim that is the very reason for their existence.

This same NED is an American-based NGO officially funded by an annual allocation from the US Congress.

NED is only one among the many funders of the regime change kingpins determined to bring down the ZANU PF Government.

Beneficiaries of these evil funds are CSOs under the auspices of CiZC whose president Peter Mutasa was recently kicked out from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

But the revolutionary government is not going to be caught napping. 

The proposed Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Amendment is aimed at stopping the funding of political activities by foreigners.

Sometimes these present themselves as good Samaritans by offering food aid, while at the same time using the food as a bait to woo support for a political party of their choice. 

It is well known that all these organisations channel their funds towards promoting the cause of the Western-sponsored CCC.

This is the party the US and the West want to see win the 2023 harmonised elections if insurrection fails before then.

CCC is their baby, they created it.

Of course, with the impending amended law enabling the monitoring of their activities, some CSOs and NGOs are now receiving their loot through neighbouring countries.

But the alert Zimbabwean Government is very much aware of the relocation by these CCC conduits.

However, the frantic efforts by CSOs and NGOs and their funders to dislodge ZANU PF is not anything new.  

They have tried before and failed.

The ZANU PF Government has never failed to call for elections whenever they are due.

And it is the democratic right of every adult Zimbabwean to vote.

This is one of the major democratic rights we shed our blood for.

And what remains supreme is that Zimbabweans know what they want and not what Uncle Sam wants.

We refer to the results of the recent by-elections for those in doubt.

The youthful Ukrainian leader Vlodymyr Zelensky considered what the Americans needed ahead of his people’s wellbeing.

As we speak Ukraine is in ruins, with millions homeless.


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