Our land is priceless


THIS week we revisit the issue of land and why it is fundamental to all Zimbabweans. 

Land is our life.

We live on the land and attach sentimental value to it.

Land is the cause of many battles worldwide and is the anchor of many economic success stories across the world.

Is it no wonder to many, especially Zimbabweans, the land issue has been emotive since time immemorial?

Ours has been the struggle for land since September 12 1896 when those ‘without knees’ (whites) raised the Union Jack in the then Salisbury (Harare).

The struggle for land has been passed from generation to generation.

It has never been, and can never be, about Mbuya Nehanda and First Chimurenga heroes alone. 

It should never be confined to our veterans of the liberation struggle and, most importantly, it is not the sole responsibility of politicians alone.

It is about all of us, as Zimbabweans.

It has always been about the people.

And we, the people, are the owners of the land.

The land is us and we are the land.

There is something compelling about Zimbabwean land. 

It is precious, rich and full of life, but that has, unfortunately, drawn to us so many challenges.

The enemy is ever aware of the beauty of our land, life and future.

The enemy is attracted to our land.

Vultures, especially from the West, drool over this nation, because beneath our land lies that which draws the enemy to war.

Previously, it was a war of guns and bombs, but now it is a battle of the mind and pen.

In fact, it is an anti-Zimbabwe war and we have to be on high alert.

We have had this war for years and the enemy will never relent.

The West wants our land again.

The West wants the black farmer tilling land to give up, to leave that land and pave way for those who resent our country.

They want that black farmer in Dotito and Gokwe to vacate the land. 

The enemy wants those Russians mining in Darwendale to pack their tools and leave.

We have a problem with that enemy.

Forever jealous and forever wanting unmitigated ownership of our land.

That enemy!

We wake up every day to the beautiful sight of our land. Those trees, those plants and even that rain, bringing more health and life to this land!

We wake up every day to chirping birds, singing for our gold, diamonds, platinum and nickel, among other natural resources. 

Indeed, we have everything in Zimbabwe because our land is beautiful.

Our land is priceless.

Our land is a gem and battling to defend it, to protect it from the greedy and from the enemy is not child’s play.

This battle is about our history, ideals, values and aspirations as a nation.

We must defend our land without fail because the enemy is still on the prowl.

After all, the liberation struggles were fought because we wanted our land back. 

Thousands perished in those wars to reclaim our land. 

Let us always remember that!


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