Palace racism far-reaching


THE recent Oprah Winfrey interview of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, clearly shows how deep-rooted the issue of racism is among the British and their cousins across the Atlantic.

This helps to explain the problem we have always had with Britain and the US.

Since the days of the slave trade, Caucasians have always seen Africans as the stereotype of an inferior human being.

Why not?

After all, as slaves, blacks were at ‘best beasts of burden’ and a nuisance when they tried to demand their rights as normal human beings.

This is the image of blacks the whites have internalised from the days of slavery.

Despite the so-called emancipation of slaves, Caucasians have never seen blacks as people with equal rights to theirs.

That is, of course, if they have any rights at all.

It is against this background that we can be able to understand the problems Meghan Markle faces at Buckingham Palace.

Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, a grandson of the Queen of England, is an American woman of colour.

She is a bi-racial product of an African-American mother and a white father.

It is the blood of her American black mother, a descendant of slaves, which is the source of her problems within the British Royal Family.

And what is most depressing is that the racial undertones, so apparent with the British, are not superficial.

They have their roots in the British Royal Family.

Meghan was never accepted in the British Royal Family because she is a descendant of slaves.

She and Harry knew it.

That is why she and her husband arranged a secret wedding three days before the official public wedding.

The glamorous wedding at Windsor Castle was just a spectacle for the world, to cover up the racial disgust within the Royal Family.

Things came to a head when Meaghan became pregnant.

The Royal Family had nightmarish fear that the expected son would be dark in complexion. 

This would mean the queen’s black great-grandson would be a prince and be in the succession line to the monarch.

Buckingham Palace would have none of that.

What had happened across the Atlantic, where a black President in the form of Barack Obama had ruled their cousins in the US, would not be allowed to happen in the UK.

Somehow or other, Archie, the son of a black American mother was denied the title of ‘Prince’ by the Royal Family. 

This would make sure that Archie’s dark skin would never have the chance to ‘dilute’ the ‘pure’ bloodline of British royalty.

Surely here we are witnessing the height of racism right from the Royal Family, the pride of the British.

But this should not surprise us.

Didn’t the British colonialists chop off the heads of our leaders who resisted their rule and take them to the UK as trophies for their monarch?

When Ian Smith defied the Queen, waging a bloody and brutal war against blacks, didn’t the British give tacit support by refusing to crush the rebellion militarily? 

And yet a genuine but black Government in Zimbabwe is under illegal sanctions imposed by Britain and its allies, for over two decades now.

But in 1965, when a white Government was under legal sanctions approved by the UN, the British attempt to comply was only half-hearted.

Mind you, all that the British Government does is in the name of the monarch.

This is the very monarch at Buckingham Palace, where the nucleus of British racism resides, as exposed by the descendant of a ‘slave’ called Meghan Markle.


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