Planned protest out of step


THE planned July 31 protests in the middle of a raging contagious pandemic, amply demonstrates how desperate regime change instigators are determined to achieve their evil machinations at any cost.

The organisers might try to lead us on a false spoor, by camouflaging the planned protests as an expression of revulsion against corruption.

We are, however, able to see through their mission.

Just like the ill-fated MDC’s so-called ‘final push’ of June 2003, the planned demonstrations are meant to remove a democratically elected Government from power – regime change.

This has been the dream of  the West since the land reform programme of 2000.

We won’t be fooled by black faces purporting to be leading the proposed protests on behalf of Zimbabweans.

Jacob Ngarivhume is a mere pawn.

The obscure leader of  little-known Transform Zimbabwe political party, is just a front for other like-minded proxies of the West.

How can a genuine Zimbabwean risk the lives of his kith and kin by encouraging them to congregate, disregarding the the possibility of the spread of the deadly COVID-19?

There is a fallacy being spread by protest advocates that the rising number of the pandemic cases is fictitious.

They say these figures are being exaggerated in order to justify the tightening of the lockdown and thereby cripple the proposed protest. 

They  pretend to be blind to the mounting figures in SA and across the globe.

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves a pertinent question.

Would somebody who believes that black lives matter hazard to lead a protest, probably supported by thousands as they claim, in this COVID-19 environment?

But we must not forget that the the real brains behind these planned protest are from Western capitals, whose forefathers looked upon black slaves as chattel.

Outwardly, they might  look like they have repented, but inwardly they haven’t changed even an iota.

To them black lives don’t matter.

Why then should fellow blacks attempt to defy Government regulations  to stop the spread of the deadly pandemic?

If it succeeds, protesters are unlikely to keep safe distance between each other, not all will be wearing masks, let alone properly and there won’t be any sanitising.

More defiance is likely to be demonstrated by going ahead with the demos even without getting permission from police for such a gathering.

Certainly, there is no way a protest can be permitted under these critical conditions.

But then this is not the first time to experience such as the one proposed for July 31.

However, a disturbing characteristic of them is that they inevitably turn violent.

Why not, when hired youths who will be part of the so-called protest will invariably be drunk after being fed with illicit brew and other substances by the organisers!

But the leaders of this planned demo must understand that Zimbabwe’s constitution demands general elections every five years.

The next are due in 2023.

That’s how the Government can be removed or retained, and not by violent protests.

Being aware of the ulterior motive of the planned July 31 protest, it is incumbent upon the powers that be, that this should be allowed to happen.

True, protests are enshrined as a legitimate right in our constitution.

But that right should not impinge on other rights.

In the face of the marauding COVID-19 pandemic, the right to life and good health override the right  to protest on July 31.

The planned protest has, therefore, to be nipped in the bud.


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