Success is ours


WE will not tire reminding the world, particularly the West, that we are a people ruling themselves for themselves.

We fought, lost limb and life while thousands perished for us to become a self-determining people.

The major objective of our struggle was putting ourselves in a position where we call the shots.

We are calling the shots and will continue to do so for eternity.

Zimbabwe is our country and we decide its trajectory.

Halfway through the year, we are happy with the strides we are making.

Naysayers and prophets of doom will use their megaphones to declare that nothing is happening.

But that is a futile exercise.

Indeed we are scoring big with regards to the National Development Strategy 1.

The development is there for all to see. 

The crafting of the NDS was no political gimmick.

It was not an exercise to keep Government officials busy.

It was not crafted to win favours.

It was not created to rile the West.

It came into existence for the people, inspired by the desires of the people.

There is a misconception that the whiteman  (vasinamabvi/abangela madolo) are the saviours of the world.

In fact, it is sad that there are some among us who think the whiteman is our saviour.

This belief is tantamount to madness.

There is no sane individual who can believe that the whiteman will take risks for us.

The truth is the whiteman came here to steal, kill and destroy and that is why they stole our land from our ancestors, looted their cattle and made our forefathers and mothers slaves in their own country.

The injustices they perpetrated on us can never be forgotten and that is why we fought back in order to get back our land.

That is why thousands of Zimbabweans died liberating this country from colonial bondage.

And 42 years after independence, there are Rhodesians who are still bitter because they lost in the struggle for Zimbabwe.

They still can’t come to terms with the fact that Zimbabweans are now in control of their land and resources.

Wherever they are, be it in neighbouring countries or in the Diaspora, Rhodies still long for that era when just about 4 000 of them enjoyed Zimbabwe’s prime farming land while the black majority wallowed in unfertile areas.

They pine for the era when they ran all the businesses and blacks were mere employees.

Remember Rhodies had relegated blacks to tribal trust lands, dry areas, making black people redundant in their own motherland.

And now we are enjoying everything our country has to offer.

Only fools can pine for Rhodesia.

In fact, these are no fools but a very dangerous element among us.

They know the evil of Rhodesia but are only lauding it for the few pieces of silver they are receiving from their Western handlers.

Zimbabwe is forging ahead.

We entertain those wishing us good but definitely brook no nonsense from whatever quarter.

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!


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