The US must stop murdering blacks


WHAT is happening and continues to happen in the US is very sad.

This prefect of the world continues to abuse the black component of that country with impunity. 

The system bias against black communities and individuals continues unabated.

Atrocities against blacks continue daily worldwide.

Black people still find themselves tackling injustices and inequalities every day of their lives. The systematic racism faced by black people is more rampant than ever. 

Their killings share many parallels with killings of the past, forcing the reality that black people are still living in a world driven by racial division and inequality.

Black people are now living a modern day kind of slavery.

Individuals are being killed for simply being black.  The long painful history continues to haunt them.

A blackman is always guilty until proven innocent, even in this day and age.

History is repeating itself right before our eyes.

History has an uncanny way of repeating itself. 

A people without knowledge of their past, origin and culture are like a tree without roots. 

Black people deserve to know the whole gruesome truth, not the cosmetic sanitised truth from the West.

We need to count the number of women abused, the number of lives destroyed and the people murdered. 

Their names should be honoured every day because learning from the past will help future generations tackle these foreseeable problems.  ‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’.

We should not have a black history that absolves white people of their sins and the sins of their fathers. 

History that is not fully acknowledged can never be fully understood.

Furthermore, black history should not be restricted to just one month. 

It should be recognised all year round because it is through the dedication and hard work of black people that white people are prosperous today.

They should not be given a chance to forget, not even for a second.

For black people, today mirrors the past; black people are still not free, they are not recognised in the manner they deserve. 

They are still in bondage. 

We continue to watch as history repeats itself.

And this brings me to the question: How can the Americans care for Zimbabweans when they cannot guarantee the safety of the black folk in their backyard? 

Could you possibly spot a splinter in someone’s eye when a log is wedged in yours?

Why is it that black people are more likely to be killed by police officers than other races in your country?

What has the American government done to stem systemic racism?

If what happened to Jayland Walker were to happen in Zimbabwe, how would the US react?

All these questions beg answers.


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