Think about our future


NATIONS are built on ideas and principles.

Our future comes to fruition on the basis of our core principles as a nation and we formulate strategies, policies as well as programmes from an idea.

It is that idea that unites people and it is that idea that forms our nation and, most crucially, that gives us the strength to move forward.

Zimbabwe is no exception because we have walked through the painful path of bringing to fruition our idea.

Significantly, ours is an idea founded on the values and virtues of total emancipation and empowerment of our people as a whole.

And this has not gone without capturing the global eye.

We labour today under unrestrained abuse from the West and its allies because of that idea.

Mothballs of Western anger today threaten to consume us because of that idea and even diplomatic etiquette has gone to the dogs.

That principle of respect for sovereign territories has been thrown out of the window.

Meanwhile, the enemy out there has feasted on our past divisions, but we must do better because a broken mindset can never develop a country.

Until we unite, only then can we see the prosperity of our nations in Africa and there is absolutely no harm in us uniting.

There is nothing that can stop us from bringing our minds and hearts together for the greater good of our country.

We cannot be stopped by anyone or anything in pursuing our destiny as Zimbabweans.

Therefore, we must not be dictated to by outsiders on how to run our affairs.

Why should we be stopped from running our economy the way we want?

Who can stop us from tilling our land and producing for the country and the world?

Surely nothing can deter us from unearthing our minerals the way we want and dictate what we do with them afterwards.

No doubt, nation building is not an overnight event; it is a process that takes so many things to achieve it while immense sacrifices create the path towards attaining that goal.

Dedication and unbridled commitment drive the objective of nation building.

It is the people who work for the nation, who drive the national agenda, who formulate and implement it.

Our greatest asset as a nation has been our ability to weather storms.

We have broken barriers and conquered where it matters most and, because of that attribute, the world has set its sight firmly on us.

The West and its allies are aggrieved by our ideas and principles; for this they are waging a serious war on us.

Progressive countries, like China and Russia, have since come to our rescue by joining hands with us for a good reason.

Indeed, they have duly supported our cause; for that we applaud those who are on our side and the table still has some seats left.

What we possess is enough to cater for everyone, satisfying both us, the locals, and outsiders.

The masses, naturally, will be at the forefront of exploiting our resources and, equally, they should use those resources to develop their communities.

That of course must be done with the future in mind.

We must command our minds to the idea that it is none but ourselves who can develop this country.

Let us not forget that Zimbabwe is our home and our future.


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