Time to take stock


IT is very important once in a while to take a break and take stock.
While the Easter holidays are a Jewish holiday to remember an important time in the existence of the Jews, let us use the time to reflect and take stock of our affairs, especially as this holiday coincides with our Independence Day celebrations.

During this long weekend, let us think and meditate upon the strides we have made so far.

Our detractors would like us to believe, think and feel that we are going nowhere.

But we have made important gains in the new dispensation. It has been development galore.

Our nation is going through a trying and difficult phase, extricating itself from the effects of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by Britain and its allies.

But we have won the most difficult battle, which is refusal to be broken by the illegal embargo.

We should not despair and listen to naysayers.

Zimbabwe will flourish.

The Easter Holidays mark the end of the first quarter of the year.
And so much has happened worthy celebrating.

This is a good time to audit our efforts.
We must ensure that we remain firmly on the course of our development agenda.

Let us relook at our strategies, both the small and big player, in the private and public sectors.
We are a nation fighting and not sitting on its laurels.
Sadly, there are some among us that seem to find it difficult to be positive and thrive on lambasting the country’s institutions without proffering solutions.
These must use this period to meditate and make a decision whether they will face the challenges head on or continue to whine. As we engage in various activities, as we pray and play, let us remain conscious of the various dangers lurking in the shadows.

And we must never forget that Zimbabwe is our country, the only one we have.

We all have a responsibility and duty to protect our country.

The rebuilding exercise is not the obligation of a particular party but every citizen.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us remind each other how far we have come and why we must not give up or despair. Difficulties and challenges will be overcome.

Challenges have never stopped us before.

Of course, there are some misguided elements, blinded by the love of money, who sell-out for individual benefit.

Such people are wicked and must be reminded that quislings have no place in Zimbabwe.

To our detractors, they might as well ask others who stood in the way of a people determined to shape their own destiny. 

The issue here is not whether there will be brickbats and mudslinging, but how we defend our multi-dimensional territory, namely, physical, cultural and intellectual territories.

Our tradition and heritage as Zimbabweans should never be compromised. 

Any values that promote and instill hunhu/ubuntu should be entrenched in the hearts of Zimbabweans. 

Taking pride in being Zimbabwean and prioritising national ideals while fully serving the country should be encouraged, especially among the youths. 

Serving the country is an obligation for everyone who takes pride in being Zimbabwean.


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