Together as one


THE recent meeting between two former liberation movements ZANU PF and South Africa’s African National Congress produced a heartwarming message.

The two stalwarts of the struggle for the emancipation of black people made it clear that attempts at sowing seeds of disharmony will not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who believe that attacking the Government and inciting the masses to destabilise the country is more important than tilling the land, running our companies and other ventures.

We are happy to note that the custodians our struggle, locally and in the region, are not naive people who believe that salvation will come from outsiders, who are hell bent on regaining control of our nations.

Clearly, our country is viewed as an enemy by the West because its empowerment initiatives are deemed to have set a bad precedence.

Such programmes neutralise their control of global economies as they seek to put black people on the pedestal that that will annihilate their influence in the world.

And they have tried to rope in our neighbours hoping that they will put ‘pressure’ on us to abandon our programmes, but our neighbours have refused to be used as proxies of the West.

They know who they are, there is no confusion with regards to their identity, they are Africans, like us and they know what that means.

The West wrongly believed that its shenanigans would result in us failing to speak the same language.

Our enemies wrongly assumed that we have been so severely paralysed that we cannot see and dissect issues with open minds.

We do not hate ourselves, our countries and everything in them as much as they presume we do.

We do not hate our history and future.

One of the key pillars of a nation is an idea or ideas.

We build our future from an idea.

We formulate our strategies, policies and programmes from an idea.

And that idea is what brings the people together; what forms our nation and, most crucially, what gives us the strength to forge ahead.

This country is no exception.

We have walked through the painful path of bringing to fruition our idea.

Significantly, ours is an idea that is founded on the values and virtues of total independence and empowerment of our people.

It has not gone without capturing the global eye.

We labour today under unrestrained abuse from the West because of that idea.

Mothballs of Western anger today threaten to consume us because of that idea.

Even diplomatic etiquette has gone to the dogs.

The principle of respect for sovereign territories has been thrown out the window.

The enemy out there has feasted on our divisions but not anymore.

A broken mindset can never develop a country.

Until we unite, only can we see the prosperity of our nations in Africa.

And the recent visit by the ANC is very encouraging, we are not lost.


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