We must all have faith


IN my time I will see wide, smooth and beautiful roads that will make travelling a pleasure and not a hazardous act.

Electrical lights will light at any time I flick the switch. 

Water will run from the taps of every household. 

This I do not doubt, but believe wholeheartedly.

Maybe it is because I have seen the attainment of things that were said would not be attained in a thousand years.

I have seen my people go against the odds and prevail.

I have seen them scale walls regarded unassailable.

As a country we are undertaking major projects that are set to revamp and transform the country.

However, there remains a very disturbing general lack of faith and belief.

It is that lack of belief and faith that has seen some people fail to grasp the fact that Zimbabwe will soon be the place to be. 

I sincerely hope that the element lacking belief and confidence is made up of a few individuals.

Even during the liberation war we had kith and kin who collaborated with the enemy, but still we prevailed so we cannot afford to lose sleep over them or allow them to spoil things for everyone.

But it will be scary to have patriotic Zimbabweans lacking belief and confidence that our country will prosper in the very near and not far off future.

Words such as ‘naïve’, ‘myopic’, ‘clueless’ and ‘sympathisers’, whatever that means, are used to describe the daring and the believers among us.

But we must continue believing that we can achieve our dreams, our plans and that our designs work.

All the projects we are carrying out will not yield fruits if we have no faith and belief in them.

Simple logic says if we lack belief and confidence, then we will not expend the necessary energy to achieve our desired goals.

And without expending our energies to achieving desired results, all these noble aspirations and plans we have will not come to fruition.

We cannot afford to be a people folding hands, holding breath and waiting to exhale and confirm that, ‘we said it, that it was impossible’.

We all must be positive, pushing and contributing to rebuilding the economy.

I recently came across a book, Zimbabwe is Our Country, that was used to educate our children in camps during the liberation struggle.

It drives home the point of our Zimbabweaness and that we have no other country, but Zimbabwe. 

It was used everyday as a reminder and maybe we need that; to consciously remind each other every day that, according to the book:

“Zimbabwe is our country.

It is our country.

Zimbabwe is a good country

It is a good country.

Our country is good.

Our country is rich.

Zimbabwe is a rich country.

It is beautiful and rich.

Our country is Zimbabwe.

I am fighting for a beautiful country.

We are fighting for a beautiful country.

I am fighting for a rich country.

We are fighting for a rich country.”

This is a powerful message that will greatly benefit us if we take it to heart. 

Zimbabwe needs all of us and as I always say, ‘as Zimbabweans we are indeed diverse, but one’.


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