We must believe


WHERE is our faith and belief?

With a little faith and belief we will move mountains.

Everything is in place.

The heavens smiled on us and we received good rains. Most parts of the country, even some dry regions, got above normal rains.

Our citizens countrywide are smiling, no one will go hungry.

In the villages, people are running around preparing for the forthcoming summer cropping season.

We have the opportunity to consolidate our journey to food self-sufficiency.

A bumper harvest means a lot of things for us as a nation.

It ensures food security and lessens the burden on Government.

It means grain imports are reduced and the import bill decreases.

It is important to note that every dollar that the nation can save is critical; it is money that will be deployed to other areas of desperate need.

If all parties deliver — producers and consumers — the country will be the ultimate winner.

Most farmers received their dues and are in a position to buy their inputs and not rely on well-wishers and Government.

There comes a time when a child is weaned from the breast of the mother and, for our farmers, the weaning off time must begin now.

We must take advantage of our good fortunes and make the most of them.

We are a country enjoying peace.

We have vast fertile land.

We have fully functional production systems supported by highly skilled personnel.

All we need is a little faith and self-belief.

We have achieved things that were said could not be attained in a thousand years.

We are a people who have gone against the odds and prevailed.

We scaled walls regarded unassailable.

As a country, we have clinched major deals and are discussing more deals that are set to revamp and transform the economy.

So why should we lack faith and self-belief.

It is that lack of belief and faith that has seen some people fail to grasp the fact that the country, in a decade or so, will be the place to be — not can, but will be.

Vision 2030 will be achieved.

During the liberation struggle, we had kith and kin who collaborated with the enemy, but still we prevailed; so we cannot afford to lose sleep over them or allow them to spoil things for everyone.

Words such as ‘naïve’, ‘myopic’, ‘clueless’ and ‘sympathisers’, whatever that means, are used to describe the daring and the believers among us, patriotic Zimbabweans

But we must continue believing that we can achieve our dreams, realise our plans and that our designs work.

All the projects we intend to carry out will not yield fruit or successfully take-off if we have no faith and belief in them.

We all must be positive, pushing and contributing to rebuilding the economy.

Zimbabwe ndini newe/Zimbabwe yimi lawe.

Iwe neni tine basa/Mina lawe silomsebenzi.


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