We must remain focused


OUR economy is diversifying by the day. 

Progress is being made in numerous sectors that include agriculture, tourism, transport, mining, ICTs and infrastructural development, among others.

If we remain united and focused, we are guaranteed of sustainable growth and an all-inclusive economy.

No-one and no place will be left behind and we will not tire of reminding people that outsiders have no place in this quest. 

It is a task to be carried out by Zimbabweans and for Zimbabweans.

Surely, outsiders must not determine our trajectory.

They must not determine our destiny because our future is in our hands.

We have our own method when it comes to running our economy and the Second Republic, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is on the right path.

Our economy must be in the hands of the majority and that is why we fought tooth and nail to liberate the country from colonial bondage.

Yes, we took up arms against the enemy but, still, that enemy will not relent.

That enemy wants to sway people from appreciating developmental projects being spearheaded by the Second Republic. 

Yet it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to appreciate and value what the country has and if we desire the good life, then we must fight for it, work for it.

It will not be handed to us by the West.

Why must we look up to John Bull or Uncle Sam?

We cannot look up to them, we must look to ourselves.

This is one message that our leadership is continually delivering and one that our people must understand.

The difficult battles have already been fought for us and what is demanded of us is consolidation of our achievements.

We have mega projects on the ground, with others already complete. 

We have the Zimbabwe urban renewal projects which will see the transformation of urban housing infrastructure and rehabilitation as well as development of old suburbs to world class standards.  

In Matabeleland, the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project is solving water woes in the region. 

Who doesn’t know about the water woes in Bulawayo? That will soon be a thing of the past and the project will go a long way in returning the country’s second largest city’s status as the industrial hub of the nation. 

The Kariba South Power Extension Project and the Hwange Power Station Expansion Project will also ensure reliable domestic electricity supply. 

These projects are indeed crucial to the country’s economic development and electricity generation. 

No doubt these projects are a long-term solution to power shortages that have been stifling industrial growth and slowing economic development. 

In transport and infrastructural development, the upgrading of the Beitbridge Border Post and construction of the Harare– Beitbridge Highway is going to be a game changer. 

Major and minor roads are being upgraded and modernised while the construction of the Mbudzi interchange is also another milestone. 

In a quest to increase tourist arrivals in the country, the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport Expansion Project is underway. 

In ICT, the country will soon have a cyber city, a first of its kind in Zimbabwe as well as the Mt Hampden smart city. 

That is also where the new US$140 million Parliament building is located. 

The building is ready for commissioning. 

There is so much happening on the ground and only armchair critics see otherwise.     

We were successful in our liberation struggle because everyone was responsible.

Everyone at the rear, at the front, in the villages, in the cities, wherever they were, everyone played his/her part.

And that is what is demanded from everyone in our present situation.

Yes, we can transform our Zimbabwe into a superpower. 

We must remain focused.


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