We must stay united


ZIMBABWE is more than its political parties. 

It is more than its various sections of society; it is more than ‘offices’; it is ultimately all its people.

This is the message that some in our midst are failing to grasp. 

And this negatively derails efforts to revamp the fortunes of the country that have been battered by more than a decade of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West.

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa expresses his desires and that of the Government he leads, he is expressing desires, not just to transform lives of particular persons, but all Zimbabweans.

We must remember that the people spoke in the harmonised elections and chose the leader they have confidence in.

Indeed, that leader has programmes that seek to uplift the lives of the impoverished and avail more opportunities to those who already believe themselves successful.

However, all these efforts at uplifting lives are being frustrated by cheap politicking by those who could be described as sore-losers and elements of regime change.

And sadly, there are others who must know better but are also contributing to frustrating developmental efforts.

It is bickering and pulling in different directions that make challenges appear insurmountable.

No doubt if we are to expend all our energies in coming up with solutions for the myriad challenges we face, significant progress will be made.

The blueprint for success, the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS 1) is clear.

All it needs is commitment and implementation.

If we are united as a people, then we must realise and appreciate the objectives of NDS 1.

We will not achieve these objectives as long as we quarrel, bicker and fail to set aside our differences.

Our country demands that we put aside our personal and ideological differences and work for the motherland whole heartedly.

Our country demands that we give it our all.

What is being asked of us is nothing new, but a continuation of what others before us gave.

Fighting never comes to an end because the enemy is always lurking in the shadows.

Where others gave life and limb, we are being asked to give our skills, our energy and time to rebuild.

Let future generations speak of us the way we speak of our veterans, alive and departed.

They did not let us down and they did not let the country down. 

We cannot allow nor afford to let the enemy have his way with us and our country.

What we have, what we enjoy, is much — believe not the enemy preaching we have nothing.

Why are they so interested in our country if it has nothing? 

Why will they not leave us alone? 

Why continue to foment disharmony? 

If we all knew and appreciated our worth, we all would be united working as one entity, with one common goal and vision to develop the country. 

Let us always remain united for the benefit of our country.

 Zimbabwe is ours.


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