Why history is vital


THE most important aspect of any country’s survival is its history.

It is from history that we open avenues for a better tomorrow.

Enduring legacies are founded on the basis of the past.

Conquests, heroism and unwavering ideologies reside in history.

Great narratives of a nation find themselves firmly etched in the past and our story as a country has its roots imprinted in our history.

Our successes, which have miffed the enemy, have found their way in the curriculum and that is for a noble reason.

Our children now learn about our history because it carries with it an enduring legacy of success.

A legacy of prosperity and a legacy of empowerment.

The enemy resents those glowing attributes for a reason.

We bravely resisted colonisation and shrugged off interference in our internal affairs.

We refused ownership and control of our land and resources by outsiders and we showed the downtrodden of this world the way; our way.

And our way has been to give life and meaning to freedom.

Our way has been to resist all forms of domination by external forces.

Our way has been to give indigenes access to their resources.

We will not relent from that no matter the immense pressure from all over.

We are our own heroes, our own future.

We will face resistance from outsiders.

They will fight us even and will use all sorts of tactics to reclaim ownership of our resources.

They will come with their might, but lessons from our past have taught us to remain steadfast.

They have taught us to control what rightfully belongs to us and we have learnt to be in charge of our destiny.

That is why we hail efforts to repatriate the heads of the First Chimurenga heroes and heroines.

These heroes and heroines are symbols of resistance to colonialism.

And the fact that colonialists took them to Britain as trophies of conquest is symbolic of what they represented and still represent.

They are souls of the nation and are the spirits of a nation whose lifeblood has been diluted by other religions.

We need them back.

In fact, we need them here so they can bring the much-needed closure.

Those heroes and heroines must be rightfully honoured.

The narratives of their heroic and historic exploits must be told in full.

That way, we will all reconnect with our past. 

And that way, we can also shape our future for the sake of our children.


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