Why should we hate each other?


WE have always emphasised that Zimbabweans are diverse but one and we have always accentuated that, as Zimbabweans, we must embrace that spirit that binds us together as a nation. 

Unity is vital if we are to continue prospering as Zimbabwe. 

We all know that since the days of our liberation struggle, the enemy planted seeds of division among us in order to control us and our narrative.

The fruits of the shenanigans of our enemies are manifest in our inability to speak the same language.

We have been severely neutered, so much that we cannot see and dissect issues with open minds.

Our former colonisers have made us to hate ourselves, our nation and everything in it.

Why do we despise our skin colour and why do we hate our history and future.

In fact, why do we hate each other?

No doubt, the enemy out there has feasted on our divisions with glee and the enemy watches from a distance.

Apparently, the enemy revels in weakening our institutions, peace and future, while shadows of darkness cast by the enemy shuts the eyes of our minds.

Blind we become to our present, past and our tomorrow. And, antagonised, we go after each other and never against the enemy.

Alienated from our past, we repulse our land and our minerals.

We become too weary, too tired to work for our country. We resent its prosperity and our policies.

Why do we resent our empowerment programmes as Zimbabweans? 

Is it because there is something that our education has done to us?

Something so terrible that it weakens the mind? Is it not true that our education has conditioned the Zimbabwean to be an employee?

We have been primed not to be creators of goods and services, but builders and fixers of what has been created by others. Yet when our Government introduces aspects of innovation, they are looked down upon.

When the same Government comes up with empowerment initiatives, they are seen as ZANU PF programmes, never Zimbabwean policies.

That is how numerous empowerment programmes and the Land Reform Programme were, and still are, viewed in some quarters.

However, years down the line, those who snubbed the programmes are now yearning for the same.

That is the way it is.

Not surprisingly, Western Embassies and their allies never mention the peace and development in the country.

Instead, they agitate for divisions and war, spreading lies about the country, all in the hope of effecting regime change. But that is just who they are. A leopard never changes its spots. 

However, as Zimbabweans, what is crucial is to love our country beyond measure. Being patriotic and being proud of who we are, our achievements and history is vital.

By doing so, we can make Zimbabwe the shining beacon that it is meant to be. 

Rhodesians still yearn for the long gone Rhodesia and will not stop tormenting us. 

We must all remember that no one can determine our destiny for us and no Westerner or anyone for that matter can tell us how we run our affairs as Zimbabwe.

Our land and all its resources belong to Zimbabweans. We must stay united, keeping in mind that the seeds of divisions sowed by the enemy in our midst still stand.

A divided country never flourishes.

So let’s all remember that united we stand and divided we fall!


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