Why we must acquire knowledge


ZIMBABWE is our country.

It is beautiful and has abundant resources.

It is a nation with vast opportunities.

This is a fact.

Zimbabwe is a country that can easily make billionaires.

This is a truth.

The opportunities are just vast and too good to ignore.

There are life-changing opportunities and no-one wants to be left out in carving the cake that is Zimbabwe.  

Fact is that, everyone wants to be in the country, but strange is that we, the owners of the country, appear to be eager to be elsewhere.

Sad questions oft asked are:

Do we eat resoures?

Do these resources create jobs?

Such thinking is unfortunate.

We stand on the threshold of greatness as a nation.

A threshold, which every thriving and prosperous nation has stood on.

Truth is that challenges we face appear insurmountable because we lack knowledge.

It is time we become serious about acquiring real knowledge.

The knowledge about us has been originated by Westerners with sinister motives, but our knowledge that has not been manipulated exists. 

Knowledge of who we are, what we have and the innumerable possibilities and realities that can arise from what we have and who we are. 

Those who see no beauty, but ugliness everywhere in the country do so out of choice.

And when we are told the truth, we choose not to embrace it, preferring platitudes from outsiders who want us to forever remain in the dark.

Ever wondered why many are eager to come into Zimbabwe, the supposed ‘country in crisis’.

If some nations, such as Singapore, have grown to phenomenal levels without a single resource and China has thrived through a home-grown system, why can’t we?

Until we learn to embrace hard truths, we will not go anywhere.

Truths about ourselves do not destroy, but build us. 

Let us learn to see things for what they are and not be eager to see through the lenses of others.

As long as we allow others to define us, we are doomed. 

We are not a nation of the immature that need a parent from elsewhere to guide us and explain that which we ourselves should be able to explain.

We are Zimbabwean and will forever be Zimbabwean.

We do not belong to any other land no matter how hard we try to pretend to belong to an adopted land.

Lands have systems and cultures that will forever be closed to outsiders.

We have our own country where we can walk with our heads high and proclaim to the whole world who we are.

Let us not shirk the truth because doing so would be a disservice to future generations.

Our fierce Zimbabwean spirit of persistence and fierce determination must be clothed with knowledge, especially of our history.

We must be proud Zimbabweans and we must be fully clothed in our history, culture and heritage.


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