With workers in mind


TRADE UNIONS in Zimbabwe seem to have their own definition of what they represent.

However, a simple definition of a trade union is ‘an organised association of workers in a trade, group of trades or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests’.

For trade unions, workers’ rights and interests should be above all else — supreme.

The principal purposes must be, among other things, negotiating wages and working conditions, terms; regulating relations between workers (its members) and the employer; taking collective

action to enforce the terms of collective bargaining; raising new demands on behalf of its members and helping settle their grievances.

Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, the trade unions have taken another course.

It appears politics has become their major pre-occupation and they have abandoned their core business — the workers’ welfare.

There are several labour issues that need their attention but they are more interested in politics.

Our country is now on a growth trajectory and the worker is very important in this development matrix.

On this workers’ day let us relentlessly focus on our strengths and celebrate our achievements as a nation and as a unified people.

We do not allow our homes to crumble because there are problems, we solve them.

We never leave the task of seeking solutions to problems that affect us in our homes to others. 

Ours is hard and bone-breaking work.

Many are ready to build and establish that which has never been dreamt of.

All we demand, as workers, is that Government continue to support our efforts.

Workers are key in driving the economy, thus it is important to recognise and appreciate the role of the workers.

The Second Republic tells us that our destiny is in our hands. We must be owners of our resources.

We must exploit them without interference.

This is the message we continue preaching.

We must continue believing that we can achieve our dreams, our plans and that our designs work.

All the projects we intend to carry out will not yield fruit or successfully take off if we have no faith and belief in them.

We all must be positive, pushing and contributing to rebuilding the economy.

Zimbabwe ndini newe/ Zimbabwe yimi lawe.

Iwe neni tine basa/ Mina lawe silomsebenzi.

Zimbabwe is set for phenomenal growth and those who have refused to partner us, unhappy with our declaration of independence and refusal to revert back to being a colony again will lose out.

We will not suffer because our erstwhile colonisers have refused to deal with us.

We are a nation with abundant resources and they have nothing, thus ultimately they are the losers and not us.

As a nation, we are not regressing, we are going forward.

Denigration and vilification will not pull us down.

There are nations, equally big and powerful, that respect us as a people and these we will continue working with.

Zimbabwe is destined for growth and will develop in leaps and bounds.

Prophets of doom may prophesy to hell and back but this will not make their prophesies any truer; they will not come to fruition.


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