Zimbabweans excelling


ZIMBABWEANS are shining on global platforms by being elected into influential positions, we expect record wheat harvests and achieving self-sufficiency and in this month of November, our civil servants are receiving their 13th cheque and smiling all the way to the bank.

Our mining sector is recording growth, the economy is growing with the African Development Bank impressed with our economic and political reforms. 

Urban youths are defying poverty by embracing agro-businesses. 

So many good things are happening.

The Chevrons, our senior men’s cricket team have given us something to smile about, so have our boxers and we now have a satellite in space.

I can go on and on with regards to the positives in our country.

So much that is good is happening in our motherland.

Indeed, as much as you cannot keep a good man/woman down, you cannot keep a good country down.

So much good is happening and continues to happen.

We have so much to celebrate.

In the month of November we remember the Chimoio massacre and we continue to hold the torch burning brightly, forging ahead with the development agenda.

We expect every son and daughter of the soil to continue working for the motherland.

We have been bequeathed a beautiful country which we must cherish and protect.

While the struggle for the physical space, where gun battles were fought was clearly demarcated, the ideological struggles is more subtle, never obvious and thus we must always be on guard.

At this moment I cannot help but recall the late Dr Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura’s words:

“Nothing can substitute the genuine warmth and love of one’s mother or land.

Nothing can take the place of the genuine and natural intimacy between one and one’s mother or land, no matter how poor or mentally challenged they may be.

Kana ukatsamwa sei mai havatukwe. 

Nhamo inhamo zvayo mai havaroodzwe. 

Nyangwe zvikaoma sei ivhu haritukwe. 

Nhamo inhamo zvayo ivhu haritengeswe.

Those who kill their kith and kin in order to sell their land to foreigners for the prize of money are like Cain who kills his brother Abel and defiles the soil of his land and is cursed and banished to wander among foreigners in strange lands.

A Maori activist once said Zimbabweans were lucky to have got their land back.

The Maoris had lost their land.

It was gone for good.

They will never get it back.

There is nothing they can do about it.

You have your land back.

If you ever let it go, again, you will never get it back.

It will be gone forever.”

No words could be truer.

We have a strong and able leadership that has protected and continue to protect this country. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team continue to defy odds. The numerous developmental projects in the country are there for all to see. 

Indeed we are a blessed people and let us remain united and focused as we make Zimbabwe a better place.


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