ZimSat-1 a game changer 


The strides we have made as a nation are quite impressive.

The recent launch of our first satellite ZimSat-1 is a major milestone.

It is a fact that our enemies and detractors continue to hover over us, they are unrelenting.

Nevertheless the Second Republic continues to succeed scoring major life transforming goals.

We are winning the battle over minerals, over land and the economy in general and our satellite will give us more impetus.

We remain firmly in control and in charge of our resources and affairs. That’s the way to go.

You cannot keep a good a country down.

Our satellite is a big story, one we must not overlook, indeed it sharpens our capabilities.

The most important story here is that we know our worth and we will not lose sleep over those who do not and are failing to see where we are headed.

Our country has vast potential and our satellite will enable us to fully unlock our potential.

As the owners of the country we do not have to wait for outsiders to validate and show us our worth, we can do that on our own. It is the duty of every Zimbabwean to appreciate and value what the country has.

True ownership of resources is rooted in knowledge of that which is owned. If we know the worth of that which is in the ground we will act accordingly, we will value it and protect it.

And this is the capability we now possess, to truly ascertain, value and quantify what we have in many sectors. So now we have been put in a position to be able to fully exploit what we have.

All it takes to exploit, on our part, might just be knowledge.

If we know what we have we will not be cheated or taken advantage of. It is time that as a nation we treat ourselves right and love ourselves the same way outsiders love this country. In a short space of time, we have gone through major life transforming exercises.

Exercises which we were not expected to successfully do.

The country was to disintegrate, but it has not. The illegal sanctions have put us through the wringer and the heat has been turned on higher and the screws tightened but we are still standing and forging ahead.

That is who we are, a resilient and determined people who have refused to be cowed. The most important thing is that we all know with certainty that we are a capable people.

We are no pushovers.

That which unites us as a people is stronger than that which wants to divide us. 

We honour the sacrifice made by those that assisted in bringing the independence that restored our dignity.

They give us the strength to continue fighting, reminding us that thus far we have come and we must not falter.

Challenges and difficulties are a reality that must not send us running for cover.

Always we have had challenges and always we faced them head on.

We have never cowered or retreated but emerged victorious despite the fact that the odds were stacked against us. Many of us never saw the squalor, the deprivation, and sub-human conditions of Rhodesia.

There was and will never be anything beautiful about that dreadful era. Blinded by the love of money, gripped by the spirit of selling-out for individual benefit, some have forgotten the significance and agenda of the liberation struggle.

We will remind them.

Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans neupfumi hwayo hwose.


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