Andy Muridzo talented…but women may be his downfall


By Fidelis Manyange

ANDREW NDLOVU, known in music circles as Andy Muridzo, is one of the most talented young artistes in the country. 

Besides possessing a fine voice, he plays several instruments, with the mbira being his best. 

The Uzumba-born artiste rose to fame with his hit song ‘Dherira’ on his debut album Ngarizhambe. The album received so much airplay which led to the Jeetaz Band frontman being one of the most sought after artistes by local music promoters. 

‘Dherira’ became the people’s choice.

The young artiste could not handle pressure from ladies who followed him because of his newly found fame. 

In no time, he hooked up with raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda who went on social media accusing the dreadlocked artiste of impregnating her and failing to take responsibility. 

She later claimed she had a miscarriage. The pole dancer also boasted dating prominent people like footballers Khama Billiat, George Chigova, Patrick Khumbula as well as PHD founder Walter Magaya. 

Her list also includes musician Peter Moyo. Responding to Bev’s pregnancy accusations, Andy boasted on social media that her claim boosted his popularity ratings.

Again the bed-hopping Muridzo was involved in a serious affair with Nyarie Mukucha, with whom he cohabited. 

The musician started quarrelling with his wife to the extent of publicly fighting in Harare’s Avenues. 

Nyarie is said to have pampered Andy with money, a Mercedes Benz and luxury accommodation, among other luxuries. He left his wife and two children to move in with Nyarie. 

But after cohabiting for a year, Nyarie chased Andy away from her house after she claimed she caught him kissing a band member known as Sokhostina in the DJ box before he went on stage at City Sports Bar. 

The car was taken away by Nyarie.

Soon, the ladies’ man would fall for one Kundai Makuu. The two were ‘madly’ in love to the extent of having matching tattoos. 

He later started double crossing her with one Faith Chinyani, resulting in the two ladies fighting for the dreadlocked musician. 

Faith is also said to have used her ‘wealth’ to lure Andy, including offering him a car.

His shenanigans resulted in the poor management of the band. The band members accused Andy’s ‘fiancée’ of meddling in the business affairs of the band.

Nine members left Andy’s band, citing irreconcilable differences. They accused Andy of taking advice from his fiancee and began paying members on a monthly basis after every show as had always been done.

They also accused her of persuading Andy to give them a fixed salary.

One band member was quoted saying: “We wish Mai Keketso was around because she would fight for everyone in the band.” 

Andy Muridzo and his wife ‘mai Keketso’ in happier times.

In 2020, he was caught red handed with a married woman and bashed by the husband in Waterfalls.

After noticing that his image had been tarnished by his affairs and his fame was waning fast, Andy decided to go back to his wife, Mai Keketso, but the reunion collapsed after five days as she accused him of not taking care of the two children. 

She accused him of not changing his abusive behaviour. Early this year, Andy had a nasty brawl with Desmond Chideme, aka Stunner, over a video shoot of Chideme’s song ‘Tichaona’. 

Andy contributed a few lyrics to the song and he accused Chideme of sidelining him from the video shoot. 

Chideme hit back at the dreadlocked musician, accusing him of always getting drunk and not taking music seriously. 

EX Q also accused Andy of lacking focus, being a crybaby and always fighting with promoters and fellow colleagues in the industry.

Despite continuing recording good music and holding live shows, the musician seriously needs to spruce up his image.

He has publicly ‘repented’ several times in the local media but he always reverts to type. 

Andy, whose behaviour I can equate to that of the late Saul Jah Love and  Roki,  still has the opportunity to mend his ways and become great again. 

He should emulate his fellow young talented artistes, like Tocky Vibes, XQ, Alexio Kawara, Winky D and Poptain, among others, who are synonymous with good behaviour on and off the stage or at least try to stay away from controversy.

Andrew Ndlovu should remember, Zimbabwe is different from America where infamy gives one fortune. 

We might be in the 21st Century but Zimbabweans still frown upon bed-hopping.


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