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A star in Zim skies

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WHAT is very clear in the African rising narrative is the participation of indigenes in their economies.

No longer are they playing second fiddle to foreigners.

“We are not waiting for the whiteman of old to come with his millions of dollars, recruit us, give us positions and work for him, for a salary and we are building institutions that are competing regionally, continentally and on the international markets,” said Nyamatsatse group chief executive officer Kudakwashe Munsaka Mavula who also doubles as the managing director for Nyamatsatse Mining House.

The diversified Nyamatsatse Group of companies with interest in food, tourism, construction and mining industries is all about imagination, thinking bigger and aiming higher.

“We are in sectors that address and serve our day-to-day needs and we feel as indigenous players we know best what our people need to lead fulfilling lives,” said Mavula.

“Our economy is on the rebound after more than two decades of serious battering from illegal sanctions imposed by the US, UK and their allies. 

“The Second Republic under the able leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has given the business community a fresh breath of life. 

“We have seen business at its worst and now we are pursuing and want to show the power of business at its best.”

Homegrown businesses will always be controlled, influenced and gravitate towards local needs, desires and intentions as opposed to foreign entities that will always take a cue from their countries of origin and may care less about local requirements, opine Mavula.

“We consider our operation a force for innovation, satisfaction and progress,” he said. 

“We are not just interested in achieving positions of financial prosperity and market leadership but ensuring we grow along with the communities we serve. 

“We want to attract millions of customers, create thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars of wealth by rethinking the logic of how business gets done.

“We are not just building a group, we are challenging how business is done through our Nyamatsatse Resorts in Shamva, Nyamatsatse Concrete Products in Mutare, Nyamatsatse Nutri Products in Harare and Nyamatsatse Mining in Binga. 

“Our operations emphasise simplicity, honesty and excellent service to the communities we serve.”

Mavula hailed the Second Republic for creating a conducive environment for business to thrive.

“The key difference between us and other players is that we are as much customer-centric as we are product-centric for it is the product-buying public, not the manufacturer that determines the success or failure of a product,” he said. 

“We are tailoring products for a market hungry for homegrown, high quality and affordable products.

“Serving shareholders can no longer be the main purpose of a corporation; rather, it needs to be about serving society, through innovation, commitment to a healthy environment and economic opportunity for all.” 

Nyamatsatse Resorts in Shamva

This is an outdoor leisure centre suitable for family gatherings, team building activities, braais, parties etc

“We are rebuilding this facility into being a pride and income to all stakeholders concerned and cater for business and recreational activities,” said Mavula.

“We realised that in today’s world, with so much competition, targeting only one niche or market segment is not enough, that is why we have decided to market ourselves in terms of diverse interests. 

We will be selling Nyamatsatse Resorts as a destination not only for couples but also families, for nature lovers, for wellness and retreats, for meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) and water sports.”

The tourism operation, he said, came with a varied range of opportunities not just for travellers but the community as well.

“Our range of products ensures we are busy 365 days of the year allowing for a more consistent flow of travellers and consequently create job opportunities for members of the community,” said Mavula. 

“For example, our establishment has a pristine and preserved bushland, we have a tour guide well versed in various herbs that cure many diseases and we have many visitors who specifically to go into the bush with this particular guide to be shown herbs for various ailments, including those that boost fertility. 

“One of our unique selling points is that  you can do mountain and rock climbing and if that is not your cup of tea then our huge dam offers other alternatives that include fishing, sailing, canoeing.

Our visitors can come and enjoy an uncorrupted environment, we have the world’s best weather, vegetation and that is why we spent so much time and energy in trying to keep it pristine and as unprocessed as possible.”

Nyamatsatse Concrete Products

This component of our group which presently has capacity to produce 50 000 bricks and 20 000 pavers per day is based in Mutare.

Concrete Pavers produced in Zimbabwe.

The brick manufacturer is targeting to employ hundreds of people in Manicaland.

“We believe we are building what will be one of the largest concrete products business and be the next big thing coming from Zimbabwe and Africa,” said Mavula. 

“An upper middle-income economy means there are going to be more people in need of housing and generally more infrastructure. 

“We are keen to invest more in the business.

“As a company we are committed to quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction. 

“With only a couple of months of operating we have already built a team of dedicated and dynamic professionals with extensive skills and experience in brick and paver manufacturing.”

Freeman Bhosvo is the Nyamatsatse Concrete Products marketing director while Noel Nyahora is the acting managing director.

“We need to keep believing in our people and in ourselves, strength lies in not being afraid of experimenting new things and expanding horizons, acquiring new knowledge and technologies,” said Mavula. 

“Demand for quality building products is high in Manicaland at the moment which is big boost for our operations.”

Nyamatsatse Nutri Products

According to marketing director, Martin Nyazema, Nyamatsatse Nutri Products, based in Harare, deals with fast-moving consumable goods (FMCGs) among other food products.

“These are goods that are needed on a daily basis by the common man and woman,” said Nyazema.

The diversified products offered by the company include sugar beans, soya chunks, kapenta, popcorn, salt, samp etc.

Soya Chunks produced and packaged in Zimbabwe.

“Our country is blessed, talk about gold we have it, diamonds, platinum we all have it as well as fertile land giving us all types of crops and fruits and we have a duty to process the fruits from the womb of our land,” said Nyazema. 

“We want our products to be on the table of every household in the country nourishing families.” 

The demands of our customers in the food industry are evolving and we are working towards ensuring superior customer experiences and higher quality foods which are reasonably priced, said Nyazema.

“We want to reimage and reinvent the whole food industry by harnessing technological advancements. 

“It is time we build platforms that connects us with every producer in the country. 

“It is sad to hear stories such as ‘kwakati beans, chibage or tomatoes zvakaflooder’ and farmers end up losing out by selling their products for a song.

“Nyamatsatse Nutri is focused on bringing sustainable foods to the masses in healthy, nutritious, and tasty ways through value addition that will ensure every producer get the real value of their products.” 

According to Nyazema, Nyamatsatse Nutri Products seeks to have their product and customer experience surpass that of industry competitors.

Nyamatsatse Mining House

According to Mavula, the Nyamatsatse Mining House is presently at the greenfield stage, exploring various minerals that include coal, rare gemstones, lithium, gold, diamonds among other minerals in Binga and Hwange.

“After our exploration activities we hope to employ hundreds of locals and also assist in infrastructure development,: he said.

According to Mavula the activities of the group have been possible due to the enabling environment presented by the Second Republic driven by the mantra ‘Building a Prosperous Zimbabwe, Leaving No One and No Place Behind

“It is quite interesting and exhilarating to be an eyewitness to the future,” he said.

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