A case for patriotism


THE reason Harare has adopted the ‘Nyika inovakwa nevena vayo’ policy as the bedrock of the new dispensation’s economic revival efforts is because our erstwhile colonisers and their allies are relentless in their pursuit of regaining ownership and control of the country’s land and natural resources.

To those in bed with the country’s enemies, exposure of the West’s machinations are naively viewed as ZANU PF propaganda. 

They find it unfathomable that this country can actually erase the bane of the economic malaise that characterised the colonial period right up to the year 2000 when the country embarked on the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme.

The current administration’s spirit and efforts to revive the fortunes of the country are there for all to see.

We have an agricultural sector that is very much on the rebound; a mining sector that is well on course to meet targets way ahead of set time frames; unprecedented infrastructural development, as well as assured steps towards the total adoption of the local currency for the anticipated economic boom.

All this is being done through local resources, with locals at the core of activities taking place throughout the economy.

If ever there was any need to bring the critical issue of patriotism into the mix, then the ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’ thrust is the first place to begin.

This is where we need to give a word or two to some in our midst who seem not to distinguish between the ruling ZANU PF Party and Zimbabwe.

Now, the tragedy with that confused lot is that they confuse their resentment of ZANU PF with that of Zimbabwe.

You can detest a certain political party but still be in a position to love your country.

It is as simple as that.

Our gripe with that grouping is that they then take their frustrations with life right to our enemies’ doorsteps to parrot disturbing lies about the country under the guise of exercising and promoting what they think is ‘democracy’.

Therein lies the irony! 

They post nonsense on social media day in and day out, hobnobbing with representatives of enemy States like Britain and the US at their embassies under the cover of darkness.

Those lumbering on the wrong side of history should do a serious introspection as well as analyse global politics and how economies are run elsewhere.

A quick perusal of the list of the countries that have managed to rise from the doldrums will show that those States were built through the efforts of the indigenous people.

History has never been kind to those who surrender their legacy into the hands of outsiders.

The same history teaches us that no country has ever developed using other people’s currencies.

Russia, as we indicated recently, has given us timely lessons on that aspect.

But here we have some rogue businesspeople who have been roped in by the country’s enemies to aid and abet the now old and tired regime change agenda through wanton price hikes.

The plan is to incite the masses to turn against the Government and trigger an uprising.

They know that the game is up for the horse they backed in recently-held March 26 2022 by-elections where ZANU PF once again showed that no amount of Western-induced adversity can separate it from the masses.

The Party and the masses are one.

But it is the curious timing of the shocking price hikes that has laid bare the dead strategy by the country’s enemies.

We have weathered the storm and we will, for the umpteenth time, emerge victors in this latest battle.

The tragedy for the country’s enemies is that the State’s lenses continue to work and see perfectly.

The madness will be nipped in the bud, soon.

Let us hear President Emmerson Mnangagwa speak on this issue.

“On the issue of price increases, we used to have our own dollar. When we were sanctioned, our country’s currency was attacked by Western countries who have powers in terms of controlling money,” he said while addressing ZANU PF supporters in Muzvezve constituency on Thursday last week.

“The money lost its value and we adopted the US dollar which we have since left behind. Now they (the Western world) have met their match in (Russian President Vladimir) Putin who is demanding payments for gas and oil in (the Russian currency) roubles instead of the US dollar that has governed global trade for the past 60 years.

“Russia is a big country whose economy affects the world economy, there is now a new world order that includes Russia and China.

He went on, indicating that Government would soon make it mandatory for business to use the local currency as the sole tender.

We are saying to our industrialists, such as Innscor, that any investor who comes into the country should buy whatever he wants in Zimbabwe dollars.

We are putting measures to make sure that we deal once and for all with companies that are manipulating the local currency.

We also have locals who are indiscriminately raising prices, punishing the people but we are going to put measures that will ensure that our currency will be sought after and that the US dollar doesn’t dominate.”

Those who think that they can destroy the country through their spurious lies in enemy territories and through nefarious activities on the market are fooling themselves.

It is going to be high noon for them soon.

Let those with ears listen.


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