We will prosper despite hurdles

THE message from the 348th Ordinary Session of the Politburo delivered by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is heartening and encouraging.

We must fight on.

Loud and clear the message is.

Indeed the painful experiences of the liberation struggle did not reverse or discourage the resolve of the sons and daughters of the soil during the liberation struggle.

Even as our detractors continue to throw spanners in our way, we remain determined to succeed in all our national programmes.

The economy is expected to grow, driven by mining, agriculture, construction, transport and communication.

Already, the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is working on establishing more than 1 800 collection points countrywide for the anticipated bumper harvest due to good rains and support programmes availed by Government that ensured farmers produced.

Maize harvest is expected to surpass the 1,8 million tonnes recorded in the 2016/2017 season.

We can confidently say that our agriculture is already headed towards a success story.

According to the Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement Ministry, over 2,7 million hectares of land are under various crops countrywide.

The country surpassed the target set for maize, with farmers planting 

1,7 million hectares against a target 1,5 million hectares.  

The small-holder famers have done well making agriculture an all-inclusive sector.

We are a nation poised for massive growth if all play their part.

We must stop pulling in opposite directions.

The vision is clear; our intentions are clear; what is required is buy-in from all stakeholders. 

Pain must not stop us.

Hardships must not deter us.

Difficulties must not discourage us.

Indeed, the sons and daughters of the soil, during the liberation struggle, endured so many hardships that included diseases but soldiered on until victory was achieved.

We also commend Government for procuring vaccines to protect our people from the marauding COVID-19 scourge.

This is no time for cheap politicking.

Let us save the precious lives of our citizens.

We know, and are aware, that there are some sections of our society that want Government to be accused of not doing enough to deal with the virus.

They want to use the pandemic to gain cheap political mileage.

To them, politics matters more than human life. On the other hand, they say they are the champions of democracy and human rights.

We will not condemn them for thinking like that. Rather, let us work with Government to deal with the virus.

Our political affiliations must never get in the way of what needs to be done.

This is not a certain political party’s problem.

It is a Zimbabwean problem.

It is a global problem.

A broken mindset can never develop a country; we are Zimbabweans and should all root for Zimbabwe.

A divided country can never prosper.

Until we unite, only then can we realise the prosperity of this country.

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