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Europe’s dark ages now in Africa

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AFRICA is contemporarily classified as a ‘Third World’, ‘underdeveloped’ or ‘poor continent’. 

Yet even the Westerners who call it such know that Africa is, and has always been, the richest continent on earth, not only in terms of bountiful natural resources, like minerals, fertile land, flora and fauna, but also in terms of civilisation and culture.

Africa is currently in its ‘dark age’ and this term and dire condition of regression in almost all respects was extrapolated straight from Europe which was in its dark age prior to us.

The earliest humans were blacks who lived in East and, later, Southern Africa. 

Some blacks headed north-east via present day Yemen, and from them came all non-Africans who would follow with time.

The blacks of Egypt began leading in terms of innovation and inventiveness. 

They began cultivatingand, because of this activity, they came up with shaduf irrigation systems, canals and ploughs, among other implents. 

They constructed cities after producing enough food to feed multitudes in small areas and this made them improve in the field of construction. 

They built pyramids using advanced geometry and futuristic organic materials like hemp shiv (straw), clay (lime soil) and water which they stuffed and rammed into blocks as they went higher.

Egypt became the economic giant of the known world and it was also renowned for being the cradle of culture, religion and civilisation. 

Blacks were similarly prominent in Mesopotamia (Iraq and Syria), Elam (Iran) and Israel.

They reached far eastern lands such as China and founded high civilisations, namely the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties. 

Blacks would also found high civilisations in the America’s, that is the Olmec, Washitaw, Mayan, Yamassee and others.

Whites emerged from blacks gradually owing to genetic mutation and climatic adaptation. 

Many, including the Hebrews, assumed whiteness was a curse from God that was directed towards wicked people like Cain who received a racial mark that distinguished his race from the rest of mankind (Adam), Gehazi, who was made white by Elisha for all generations because of his greed and the Canaanites, received whiteness as a plague of leprosy because of their overall sinfulness.

Putting scripture aside, in the Indus Valley which stretched forth to Iran from India, blacks had developed aquiline features like pointy noses and straight hair. Many were struck by a mutation called ‘post birth albinism’ or ‘vitiligo’. 

They became white-skinned and acquired different types of hair and eye colour. 

Fleeing from the sun’s heat, they headed north and crossed the Caucasus Mountains into Europe and became Caucasians (Caucasus Asians).

In the known world of antiquity, no white civilisation was recognised as an entity associated with civilisation. Thousands of years passed with the world knowing only black glory in Africa and Asia. 

It was only around 400 BC that the Greeks defeated Persia and inherited its high position of world dominance. 

At this time, Persia, under Xerxes (Ahasuerus), had lordship over 127 African and Asian nations that included Israel, Ethiopia, Egypt and India. 

The Greeks, under Alexander, would then claim this lordship over these lands because they had defeated the head of this body of nations. 

Greece is regarded as the first European civilisation by whites. 

Blacks were in world dominance prior to this period. Greeks are also not Caucasian: rather, they are reddish skinned and, like blacks, they have black hair and eye colour. 

According to the Bible, Greeks and the Romans had ancestry in Edom or Esau, who was born red-skinned and hairy, to Isaac and Rebecca, who were Afro-Asiatic and, thus, black.

So, while it is correct to say Greece was the first Western civilisation, it is incorrect to call it a white civilisation becauseGreeks are not Caucasians. 

Today, people from southern Europe are distinctly called Latinos in the US and the whites consider them a foreign entity so much so that they call them derogatory names such as ‘grease balls’, ‘guineas’, ‘wop’ or ‘dago’ in much the same way blacks are called ‘niggers’, ‘coons’, ‘jigaboo’ and ‘sambo’

The Greeks led to a decline inworld civilisationyet they gained immensely from all that they encountered in the known world. 

They took knowledge from places like Egypt through sending their people to mystery schools and, after acquiring the knowledge, they burnt the books that were in hieroglyphics and kept only the ones they copied in Greek.

The Romans took over in 68 BCE and translated these books from Greek to Latin.  

The known world continued undergoing a steep intellectual, cultural and religious decline. 

That is until the black race came back into prominence during the time of the Moors.

Islam came as a return to the ways of old, in terms of diet, writing, philosophy and lifestyle. 

It became a doorway to the culture of the ancient blacks who upheld education, cleanliness and order in a way that the Greeks and Romans did not.

The world dominance of Moors, who comprised black Arabs, Berbers and Sub-Saharans in the known world including Europe, began around 700 CE and lasted until 1492 CE.  

During this period, blacks brought back the high civilisation of Egypt and surpassed it in many respects. They ruled southern Europe for 800 years and introduced writing, numerals, mathematics, geometry, algebra, running water, sewer systems, irrigation systems, street lights, meal divisions and courses, bathing, shaving, eye surgery, sea navigation, ship building, bricklaying, sugar, coffee, fairy tales, poetry, music theory, instruments, chivalry and benevolence to the Europeans.

Before their arrival, Europeans were exploited by the Latin people via the Catholic Church. 

They were made to pay high taxes for their supposed salvation and were conditioned to be very superstitious. They believed everything bad revolved around the devil and would look to the Church for solutions, not their mitts (hands) and wits. 

They were gullible yet dogmatic about their beliefs and totally dependent on the Church systems and doctrines which victimised them.

After being exposed to Moorish knowledge, the Latin race, which had led the Caucasians into fighting blacks during the Crusades, eventually subjected and expelled the Moors, burning their books and destroying their infrastructure as did the Greeks and Romans aforethem. 

No trace of black dominance was to be left.

Numerous blacks fled north to places like Russia, Germany, Denmark and Scotland where they reformed those nations and became what the Europeans called ‘negro favourites’. 

These would be found on European coats of arms with their unmistakable black faces and features like black skin , woolly hair and broad lips and noses standing out. There were also numerous statues and figurines made in their honour because they functionally civilised and developed Europe.

The Caucasian would eventually abandon their dogmatic Catholicised Christendom and become protestants and even non-Christians. 

By the time they began sailing to the Americas, they were now opting for religious freedom altogether. 

Yet whenit came time for whites to become the dominant race in the world, they taught and imposed on the blacks they enslaved and colonised the same exploitative religious system that the Romans had used to rule over them for years.

The Christianisingof Africa in this way led to a fall of intellectualism, culture and traditional religious systems and the rise of a dark age. 

Europe consciously contaminated us with a disease that they knew from experience was hard to cure. 

Now Africans just look to the Church for their salvation and live in fear of the devil in the same way that whites did in the past.

Whites are now embracing science in the manner of the Moors and this could not have taken place if blacks had not shared with them their precious knowledge.

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