Even toxicity has a name


THE unrestrained vitriol that accompanied Ghanaian Pan-African blogger, Kobina Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya’s positive projection of Zimbabwe by CCC is not surprising.

It is another confirmation that, besides their glaring ideological deficiencies, the opposition was created to specifically destroy this country with the promise that their Western handlers would descend in droves to ‘rebuild’ when they get their stooges into power.

Veteran journalist and pro-Africa writer Steve Gowans describes this naivety as politics of demons and angels wherein activists doing the bidding on behalf of their malicious handlers imprudently latch on to anything that portrays their motherland in bleak images in order to please their masters.

“You’ll probably also practice the politics of demons and angels – the division of the world into two camps: bad guys and good guys, black hats and white hats,” says Gowans. 

“The objective is to describe leaders, governments, movements and programmes you want to see the end of as demons, and those who are acting to achieve this end as angels. 

However, because those that lean to the left of the political spectrum are unlikely to regard imperialist governments as angels (although this is far from being invariably true) civil society groups are recruited as proxies. 

They appear to be independent, to do good works, and they have a ‘socialism from below’ feel that resonates with the Western left.

While at it, it is important to keep in mind that under the 2001 US ZDERA, Uncle Sam’s sanctions law on Zimbabwe, “…the (US) President is authorized to provide assistance to support an independent and free press and electronic media in Zimbabwe.”

Unfortunately that thought provoking analysis is given to a bunch of hopelessly out of sorts urchins who believe that ‘salvation’ will come from their faltering Western masters despite two decades of machinations yielding the same result, failure.

As their heads are buried deeply into the sand, they disconnect with the simple fact that you can detest certain political parties but still be in love with your country.

But then this is exactly why the West is labouring to steer them to power through dividing the country along tribal and political lines.

A deeply divided Zimbabwe resonates with the objectives of the West.

They have created an inept lot of puppets who, once in power, can swiftly drag the country back to the pre-independence era where whites were the masters.

Fortunately toxicity unites Zimbabweans, making them to speak about their country glowingly and the best that can emerge out of it.

Of course drivers of the toxic drivel will never upset their masters by speaking about the damage that has been caused by their sanctions.

On the other hand, those of a progressive disposition will quickly point to the massive strides taken in developing the country since the new dispensation in November 2017.

Maya’s visit comes in handy when unravelling this toxicity.

With a huge following of 1,3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel @MrGhanaBaby’s voice cannot be ignored.

He travels around Africa challenging the negative perception of the continent because, as we have said consistently in this publication, the African story has been left in the hands of our erstwhile oppressors and it is high time we took over and tell it ourselves.

Whenever I go to countries, I make sure to say I’m here for the positives. If anyone needs the negatives, there are hundreds or thousands of videos like that online. People who know me know what my channel and focus is about,” Maya said on Twitter while responding to CCC and its allies who had been infuriated by his projection of Zimbabwe as the place to be.

Before I came to Zimbabwe I read a lot about this country which was negative, like there are no roads. To my surprise I saw a different Zimbabwe. Everywhere I went there are nice roads.

It’s time Zimbabweans travelled to other countries and see what is in other countries and realise that Zimbabwe is beautiful. I am here to promote Zimbabwe in a positive light and celebrate Zimbabweans who are doing great things in their own way to change the narrative of the country.

We have our unsung heroes in Africa but the international media outlets are not talking about that.”

Even our unsung heroes here are being poisoned by the toxicity of those in the opposition.   

The tragedy with the opposition in Zimbabwe is their lack of ideological grounding, something which they do not hide from the expectant electorate.

They stand for nothing because their roots and foundation are steeped in the domains of their handlers, far away from the people they claim to represent.

These are the same who call for the imposition of economic sanctions against the country, armed with the fallacy that those sanctions which manifest in the suffering of the masses will catapult them to power.

They deliberately destroy the local authorities under their control with ratepayers going for years without water and being confronted daily by piles of uncollected refuse while they loot funds meant for development, parcelling out land to their allies and then point accusing fingers at Central Government for ‘interfering’ into their day-to-day operations.

The time to put to an end that madness is surely coming.

Again l say it is time for the Patriotic Bill to put sellouts and mercenaries in their rightful places?

Let those with ears listen.


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