The hiding of black greatness: Part Three…prejudicial schemes and theories


IN this article, we shall uncover some of the schemes whites have used in the past to perpetuate the myth that blacks are lesser humans. 

It is such schemes that gave, and continue to give, whites the audacity to perform horrendous acts against blacks without guilt or conscience.

One of the earliest racist movements against black people was the Aryan caste system which was prevalent among the Hindi community of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. 

The Aryans were originally blacks, like the original Indians. 

A plague of post-birth albinism called vitiligo struck in the Indus Valley and spread all the way to Iran. 

Among the affected were some nobles who were called Aryans. 

Seeing that they had undergone a skin mutation that made it unbearable to continue staying in hot climatic conditions, they decided to go beyond the Caucasus Mountains and settled in places near Germany and Russia. 

There they intermarried with other whitened humans and multiplied. 

They developed xenophobic traits and the harsh conditions of the north, which included cold weather, food scarcity and land unproductivity, shaped their character.

Eventually, some headed back to places like Syria, Iran and India. 

They moved in groups and were hostile towards their former kinsmen. 

Others were more accommodative of the indigenes but were treated like leprous mutants. 

The whites of the Indus valley, many of whom had Aryan ancestry, then set up a system to uplift their new race and oppress the old. 

The passive and unsuspecting blacks were called undesirables and untouchables and whites were not permitted to marry or interact with them. 

To them, blacks were good for nothing but being their slaves. 

This system bled into the Hindu religion and has victimised both Indian blacks such as the Tamil and African blacks such as the Siddhi. 

The second racist scheme we shall uncover was founded in Babylon (Iraq). 

The Judeans were blacks but with the coming of the Greeks and Romans, many of them fled to Africa and Arabia. 

Foreigners of Greco-Roman stock joined their population and intermarried with them. 

They made up what are remembered as Hellenic and Romantic Jews and were found among sects such as the Pharisees and scribes.

The Romans destroyed the temple of Jerusalem and killed off the last of the original Jews of Judea in         70 CE. 

The Romans then settled the Hellenic and Romantic Jews in their headquarters in Babylon. 

About seven centuries before this, the Israelites who lived in Samaria were wholly taken captive and stationed in Babylon by King Shalmenezar of Assyria. When the Pharisaic Jews who were ancestrally Hellenic (Greek) entered Babylon, they found the descendants of the Israelites and like the Judeans, they were black. 

The Pharisaic Jews then decided to use their power, influence and close affiliation to Rome to profit from trading these blacks as slaves. 

To rationalise black enslavement, the Pharisaic Jews claimed that blackness was the curse of Canaan that was pronounced by Noah. 

They argued the blackman’s features were evidence of Ham’s disobedience towards his father. 

His skin became black because he approached his naked father in the dark of night. 

His eyes enlarged because he gazed intently at his father’s nakedness and his sexual organs enlarged because he was aroused. 

While this is not how biology works and the early human family, Noah included, was entirely black, this lie was used to defend the institution of black slavery in Babylon and the Pharisaic Jews were the key slave traders. 

Millenniums later, this false myth is still prevalent as many blacks assume they are cursed descendants of Canaan. 

The third scheme we shall discuss is the Roman Catholic crusader propaganda which portrayed blacks as infidel Saracens. 

Many Caucasian whites encountered blacks for the first time after having already been filled with negative and derogatory perceptions brought about by the efforts of the Catholic popery, beginning with Pope Urban. Blacks were called enemies of Christ, heathens and plunderers of the holy site of Jerusalem.

The Romans were bitter because they fell from world dominion and had been ousted from the rich and holy sites of the east. 

All the exaggerations and falsehoods they fed to the Caucasians were designed to make them angry and hateful enough to declare war on the Moors and this has had lasting and devastating effects on how whites perceive and treat blacks.

The fourth scheme we shall look at was once upheld as a science in Europe. 

It has perhaps the deepest and most recent contribution towards white people’s racial animosity against blacks. This racial science was known as Eugenics and it was founded on the premise that whites are inherently superior to blacks, are the newest race and that blacks are due for extinction.

Darwinism was instrumental in the founding of Eugenics. 

Charles Darwin argued a species’ survival is dependent on suppressing other species. 

He also taught that new species come from, and overtake, older species that preceded them. 

He even argued humans were once apes and evolved into man, with the most evolved of them being the blue eyed, blonde haired and white-skinned race. 

Nations like Germany, Britain and the US saw numerous scientists trying to defend Darwinism and eventually founding the racial science of Eugenics. Some argued the skull sizes between blacks and whites were different and this was the cause of white superiority over blacks. 

Modern scientists would debunk this myth by objectively examining the skulls of the two races and identifying that their anterior lobes were identical, so was the skull size.

Others argued there were polycentric as opposed to monogenetic origins to mankind in order to dismiss the fact that whites may have common origins with blacks. Modern geneticists have debunked this myth for they found common origins in mankind with the earliest maternal and paternal human ancestors both being traced back to east Africa.

A European named Dawson resorted to fabricating hominids by joining the teeth of an ape to a fossil human skull. 

He called this the Piltdown man and attempted to use it to defend Darwin’s theory which lacked archaeological or anthropological evidence. 

A question was then posed by many which said: ‘If blacks were truly an inferior race to whites, how then were they the founders of the cradle of civilisation, culture and religion, namely Egypt?’

A man named Seligman came up with a hypothesis called the Hamitic Theory which said that Egypt consisted of two races, namely a light and a dark race. He contended that the lighter race was behind the Egyptian civilisation and that they were the ancestors of the whites whilst the darker Egyptians were the ancestors of Africans. 

From then on, Western scholars could confidently portray Egypt as a non-black entity though the images of the ancient Egyptians were of blacks and the place in question was located in Africa.


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