The hiding of blackgreatness: Part Two…the whitewashing of black achievements


THE fight by Europeans to take over Jerusalem and the known world was waged since the time of the Crusades. 

In 1948, the West successfully set up a bastion under the Zionist Government that governs modern day Israel. 

This technically means the descendants of the Germanic tribes that attempted to oust the Moors afore time are now in Jerusalem. 

They are called Ashkenazi or Khazar and they succeeded in colonising Israel, chiefly by claiming to be Jews, but also through receiving assistance from Britain and the US.

To sustain the lie that these Germanic people are Jews, they have to make the world accept false images of Jews being white, Jesus included. 

The same applies to ancient Egypt. 

To sustain the lie that Africans are inferior and have never done anything great in antiquity, they have to portray the ancient Egyptians as white or other non-black races. 

No wonder much of the literature and films we are exposed to, especially at infancy, portray God, Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Pharaoh and Jesus as whites as opposed to blacks.

So when one mentions these people, the blacks subconsciously assume they are white because images are engraved in the mind permanently. 

These false images are also found on crosses, rosaries and crucifixes despite the fact that the Bible forbids images of stone, wood or metal to be upheld as it constitues idolatry.

Even fictitious races have been associated with black historical figures like the Hindu deity Shiva, who was an African with long dreadlocks and wore the traditional skin bottom called nhembe in chiShona. 

At times Shiva is portrayed as a blue person or wheat colour-skinned Indian, who is at times androgynous, as opposed to the masculine blackman he was portrayed as in ancient times. 

In the Americas, the glory and legacy of the ancient blacks of the Mayan, Yamasee, Washitaw, Olmec and other Red Indian clans are wrongly associated with the descendants of Mongols who entered the land in more recent times. 

These were not the people portrayed in the ancient monuments in Bonampak nor on the Olmec heads. 

Yet it is they who are portrayed in media and film as the sole indigenous Americans. 

The Mongol stock migrated to North America from the Far East by way of crossing the Bering Strait and they found the great monuments already in existence, along with the blacks that built them.

For this reason, when Columbus first came to the Americas, he reported that he found the people of the Queen of Sheba and some of them carried spears with golden tips called guanine. 

Additionally, the captives of the Yamasee who were sold on Spanish slave markets, like Seville, were auctioned under the name negroes. Were the Spanish illogical to mistake a Mongol for a negro. 

The sophistry is clear.

Right here in Southern Africa, our great pride and monument, namely the Great Zimbabwe, has been attributed to non-black civilisations as opposed to that of our ancestors. 

Some simply regard the Great Zimbabwe itself as evidence that there was white influence in Southern Africa. 

They are convinced blacks could not have been behind such a marvellous and ginormous construction project. 

Yet it is clear that Great Zimbabwe was built during the Moorish period, and in that time, around 1000 CE, whites were still living in the dark ages and were not renowned for any civilisation whatsoever. 

At least five centuries passed after which they finally acquired knowledge of how to construct the brick/stone laying style (dry bonding) that was used in Zimbabwe.

All this whitewashing of black achievements is done systematically to perpetuate the myth that blacks are not intellectually equivalent or superior to whites. 

Western scholars dutifully assassinate any hypothesis that favours a black or African origin to things that the West deems great.

If they choose to become objective about historical matters, they risk unveiling the hidden truth about our history, reality and potential. 

Because if a people were once great, they can be great again. It is not in the whiteman’s best interests to awaken the blackman to his accomplishments in antiquity and his prowess in physical and spiritual fields of existence.

Rather, it benefits the whiteman to suppress this knowledge and leave the black race dormant, ignorant and passive. 

This was the reason missionaries were sent into African lands before soldiers. 

They were the forerunners to setting up a religious and educational system that would shape the blackman’s psyche in the image of the whiteman and, therefore, disarm him. 

Self-hate, inferiority complex and white worship, be they subliminal or explicit, have since been evident among blacks who have been exposed to this system through slavery and colonisation.

It is not uncommon to find black women hiding their natural hair, which is overly curly, owing to flat hair follicles. 

On top of their hair, they sew on a weave or put on a wig with synthetic or real hair which is straight. 

This is a sign of acute self-hate and subliminal white worship, yet it is done under the guise of aesthetic decoration. 

Blacks are disallowed to let their hair grow naturally at many institutions of learning and employment, particularly in Africa. 

We are mandatorily required to get an English cut, which is a notch above a bald hairstyle. The English wear their hair long and the only reason it is called an English cut is because after receiving it, the African becomes acceptable to the English community. 

Letting the African keep his hair means having to deal with Afros and dreadlocks, and if styled, countless other hairstyles which may intimidate or offend the whites who are used to their own unpliable hair texture.

In multi-racial societies, like South Africa, it is not uncommon to find blacks who are not confident enough to confront a whiteman, even if they are offended by him. But let the offender be a blackman, then all hell will break loose. 

This is a serious inferiority complex and aids to black on black crime. It also makes the whites feel superior, possibly to a fault, and gives way to such events as the shootings or assaulting of unarmed blacks by white police officers. 

This is especially prevalent in the US.

More explicit acts of white worship amongst blacks are hair relaxing, skin bleaching and plastic surgery which see blacks consciously altering their own phenotype in order to look like whites. 

Great efforts were made by whites to yield these shameful results among blacks. These we shall identify and look at in greater detail in the next article of this series.


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