Illustration of slaves coming aboard ship

By Nthungo YaAfrika

I WAS attracted to the Hello magazine of February 1 2005, when I saw the pictures of Donald Trump’s wedding and George W. Bush’s second term inauguration.

As I was flipping through the pages I came to page 20, with the title Prince Harry. As I started reading, I was dumb struck when I saw and I quote, “Two weeks ago, Prince Harry became the latest victim of one of the media periodic bouts of excess.” 

A tabloid newspaper printed a photograph of the then 20-year-old Prince at a fancy dress party wearing the uniform of Rommel’s Afrika Corps.

Taken at a private party thrown at the home of former Olympic equestrian gold medallist Richard Meade, the photograph showed Harry with a cigarette in one hand, a glass in the other and on his arm what looked like a home-made swastika armband.

Clarence House immediately issued a statement of apology on the Prince’s behalf, but the damage was done. 

Jewish groups, World War II veterans, politicians and royal commentators all criticised Harry. 

He was accused of being a ‘Nazi Prince’ unfit to go to Sandhurst, a juvenile delinquent and an insensitive fool who had obviously bungled an expensive Eton education.

I have gone to great lengths in quoting the above, why, because I want to impress on the 99,9 percent of the African race, who always say, history is irrelevant to current and future generations.

Why talk about slavery and colonialism? 

The Black African race has been conditioned to forget the past, and concentrate on the present and future. 

How did we as a race come to our present predicament?

At the beginning of the 15th Century, the Catholic Church played a pivotal role by providing the ethical base for the enslavement of the American natives and ‘Studier Africans’, stating that unlike Europeans, the Africans have no soul. 

Literally meaning that the African is a non-being, a lesser being created by God to be a servant of the of the white race. 

They say we are descendants of Ham, the whites from Shem and the Asians from Japheth.

This they still believe upto now, and is ignorance of the highest order, the world’s first population was black and antiquity history proves it, by names that are still in Africa today; ie. ‘Sarai’, ‘Tutu’ found in West and South Africa, ‘Hararite’ compare with Harare capital city of Zimbabwe, these are but a few examples. 

I say ignorance, because the origin of the white race is sketchy. 

According to morphology, their science, it says they came into existence 20 000 years ago, by mutation, whatever that means, and funny enough, they say, they mutated from black parenthood and how they hate this background. 

Because of the 15th Century statement by the Catholic Church about Africans, the Anglican Church also got involved in the slave trade. 

The Anglican Church only formally apologised about their involvement in slavery on February 1 2006 through Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. 

The history of how the Anglican Church treated its slaves is well documented. 

But tell this to black congregants of these two churches, about their putrid history and you will be lynched.

I quote Ayi Kwei Armah, “A people unable to connect with more than a few generations of their history are hapless chaff in the hurricanes of global history. Everything in the world today tell us there is life in unity, death in division and disunity, but in Africa we are encouraged to treat the fearful information reaching us if it does not concern us.” 

The history of White Christians is bloody, cruel and messy, why?

It is full of slavery, colonialsm, World Wars I and II, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and Syrian wars, just to mention a few, and many more in the pipeline. 

They are also involved in unfair trade policies, control the WTO, IMF, World Bank, Paris Club and UN, the most undemocratic institution in the world. Oh, I almost forgot, they impose sanctions on any country that does not agree with their policies and they support capitalism to the hilt, a system that steals from the poor and is a must, if you want to be in good books with them.

If Africa had taken history as a friend and not an enemy, the continent would have been prosperous and strong and not a punching bag that it is today. 

History of suffering unites a people, but not with us Africans. 

Over five hundred million blacks were consumed by both Christian and Islam religion, and up to now we have no common ground of unity. 

Just only four million white Jews were consumed by the Holocaust intiated by Adolf Hitlter, and Jews are in minority as compared to black Africans, but look at the way they raise dust when the memory of the Holocaust is trampled on.

By not remembering the ten million killed by the Belgians, DRC is still in a quandary, no lasting peace. 

Every race on this planet is always up to date with their history, except black Africans to our own detriment and injury. 

Any student who majors in African History, is deemed not bright and multinational companies don’t want such, as they are a conscious lot. 

History and religion can never get one employed in the private sector, they want employees who are not conscious about their past, as these can be manipulated to the advantage of multinational companies and NGOs, who, in most cases are not interested in the welfare of the Motherland.

Nthungo yaAfrica, aka J.L. Mtembo, is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance.


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