A worthwhile journey


By Elton Ziki

2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of The Patriot’s presence on the local media landscape. 

In May 2011, our first breakthrough publication hit the streets. 

As with every journey, it begins with but a single step. 

The Patriot has, over the years, made an indelible mark on the media landscape. 

The publication has become a dependable, authoritative publication in the print and electronic media. 

The journey has not been all rosy and smooth going, but educative and at times unpredictable. 

The publication has been a strong voice in celebrating being Zimbabwean, delving into issues other papers dared not tread. Issues on the emancipation of the black race from mental slavery and inferiority complex; colonialism and slavery; the Land Reform Programme embarked on at the turn of the millennium; as well as the liberation of Africa, with Zimbabwe’s fight against colonial subjugation featuring prominently. 

The Patriot covers stories in an in-depth and extensively balanced way that has seen its relevance being a force to reckon with, even in diplomatic circles. 

Religious and race articles in their diversity are at the core of The Patriot in terms of focus. 

The Mwari way of religious worship and Christianity evoked varying sentiments and at times volatile emotions. 

Nonetheless, The Patriot featured these stories.

Patriot Arts is a worthy section which, along the way, featured world art history and architecture in the early years. 

Looking at the Byzantine and Renaissance period in art history generated significant interest by art followers and lovers alike. 

The ‘Book Review’ section has been a permanent feature our readers look forward to, with each publication, for the last 10 years. 

This section has been loyal and ever present while the number of books reviewed has created a library of substance and value. 

It is quite pertinent to note that writers at the stable are renowned and award-winning with the publication’s environment, arts and business write-ups getting prestigious recognition the most times from 2011. 

The delicate and meticulous weighty political stories have been the publication’s daily bread ever since.

The publication has, over the years, proven its mettle by shaming its detractors who would wish to see the paper folding, much to their chagrin, as celebrating being Zimbabwean is here now and for posterity. 

It has weathered storms of the past decade, at the same time adding value to historical contexts that have shaped our great and beloved country. 

In a balanced and analytical way, the publication has handled sensitive topics such as the regime change agenda; bringing to the fore the shenanigans of such agents and their handlers. 

The conduits of such operations were exposed in the process of the numerous breaking news publications over the years. 

In essence, The Patriot is fearless, bold and anchored. 

In cases of innovation, the publication has had an online presence that was not COVID-19-induced, dating a decade.

The paper has generated immense material that will be useful for academics and policymakers going forward. 

Institutions of higher learning and scholars as well the rural folk hold The Patriot in high regard. 

It is against this spirit that the publication continues to be present even long after we have gone by, forging innovative institutional preservation techniques that suit the development strategy toward 2030. 

Posterity will surely cherish the effort, resilience and dedication to hard work as shown here at The Patriot. 

Happy 10th Anniversary!


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