Arrest warrant for Putin ridiculous


THE ICC arrest warrant for President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is both ridiculous and outrageous.
The ICC is no-one’s court except the US and its allies.
It is their instrument to neutralise anyone who threatens Western  imperialist interests.
It is of no relevance to the free non-Western world.
The ‘crimes’ they accuse President Putin of committing pale in the face of what the West has swept under their rug, especially with respect to the US invasion of Iraq 20 years ago and Libya, 12 years ago.
In 2003, the US, backed by Britain invaded Iraq on the pretext that the country had weapons of mass destruction, claiming they had intelligence that Iraq had chemical weapons.
The UN carried out 700 inspections to ascertain this claim but found nothing.
And 20 years later today, Robert Kelley, the director of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who led the team which made these inspections still affirms that he and his team found nothing to this effect and they reported so to the accusing countries.
But this made no difference: George W. Bush, backed by Tony Blair, still invaded Iraq, ultimately murdering Saddam Hussein, the country’s head of State, a travesty of unimaginable proportions, an unconscionable injustice and a deep disturbance to the world order.
Why did they invade Iraq despite UN inspectors reporting no weapons of mass destruction? This means that it was never about weapons of mass destruction.
It also means that when they said they had intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, it was a pure fabrication.
There was no intelligence to that effect, what they claimed was a pure cover up for invading a country, toppling a government and its leader who would not give the West free access to its oil, on terms dictated by them.
When the West covet resources in any part of the world, they want to get them on their own terms, which means they must be left to plunder and loot.
But if the country and its leader deny the West what it wants, then all hell breaks loose — the leader must be toppled and a puppet who will allow unbridled looting and plunder takes over, installed by them and protected by them.
To complete the total destruction of Iraq, the US disbanded Iraq’s army which was the largest in the Middle East.
Some of the forces were killed, others simply sent home.
This ensured that Iraq could never defend itself anymore. For 20 years the country has broken down, plagued by armed terror groups including ISIL, drug cartels as well as economic and electronic crimes that make life impossible for Iraqis.
This is the democracy for which the US, backed by Britain, invaded this country and killed its head of State.
To date, there still are US occupation forces in Iraq.
The US literally destroyed Iraq, and the so-called ‘free world’ is silent about it.
This happens over and over again throughout the world.
The once flourishing Libya, which was a haven for its people, is now divided up into parts controlled by warlords.
Who is now in charge of the country’s vast oil resources?
It is warlords backed and controlled by the West.
This is what happens when the West covets, it uses brute force to get what it wants.
They murdered Muammar Gaddafi so that they could have a situation where no-one is in charge of the nation’s resources but them, the imperialists, the foreigners.
In the very Ukraine they are so contesting with feigned justice and humanitarianism, the West, in 2014, orchestrated a coup and removed Viktor Yanukovych who was at peace with Russia, to install their own puppet who would be their instrument to torpedo Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin who would never sell his soul to the devil.
The charade has been going on since, and so there is no peace in Ukraine because the NATO-backed regime now rules not according to the wishes of the people of Ukraine but according to the imperialist wishes.
If you say no to the West, you are an arch enemy.
The unrelenting mission of the West is to make the whole world its empire, and Russia, China and North Korea among other nations are saying enough is enough.
Iraq was a war crime which George W. Bush and Tony Blair committed brazenly with the whole world watching, when they knew there were no weapons of mass destruction before the fact, before the invasion.
After the invasion, they pretended to be discovering only then that there were no weapons of mass destruction; after invading a country, killing a head of State and 300 000 civillians.
Where would this leave the world if we all were to agree to be led by the West, by America and its allies, who claim to be the champion of human rights, and the chief of police to keep the world in order.
If those who, with no shred of integrity, claim leadership of the world, then the world should be wary, this spells its doom.
Thousands of Iraqis taken prisoner by the US were tortured with electric shocks, were sexually abused, beaten, subjected to excessive noise to torment them; many were left with permanent disabilities and psychological scars but no-one was indicted by the ICC.
During the so-called Second World War, which in fact was not a world war but an imperialist war, Americans, to justify using atomic bombs against Japan, lied that Emperor Hirohito of Japan had refused to surrender when in fact he had already surrendered before the US attack of Japan with atomic bombs.
To justify such untold destruction of a people, destruction and pain of proportions never known in the history of mankind, Americans told a despicable lie.
It is unconscionable.
They lied in order to strike Japan with atomic bombs — has Japan ever fully recovered from it?
They lied to invade Iraq, they lied to the UN in order to get into Libya, topple a lawful government and murder the head of State, all because of unfathomable greed and lust for what belongs to others.
Now they tell us President Putin must be arrested by their ‘kangaroo court’.
Who can justifiably believe what the West says when they lie, murder and loot, say anything to justify their plunder and looting across the world.
The US and the UK did not get UN approval to invade Iraq, they tried but they did not succeed.
But they still went against the ruling of the UN and invaded Iraq.
So they defied the whole world as embodied in the UN.
The West never stops telling everybody in the world to respect the rule of law, that they respect the rule of law and the whole world should emulate them.
But they do not respect rule of law and the invasion of Iraq is a case in point.
So the invasion of Iraq took place in defiance of the UN. Interestingly, even fellow Western countries, France and Germany, opposed the invasion of Iraq.
In the case of Libya, America and its allies, particularly the French, asked for authority from the UN to institute a no-fly zone in Libya in order to more effectively protect civilians, they claimed.
They got it.
It was never respected.
Rule of law was set aside.
Instead they used the no-fly zone to topple and murder Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a head of State, and to effect the utter destruction of the State of Libya.
When Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine, the West was frantic, calling on the UN to make a decision, which meant to condemn Russia, and threatening countries individually to condemn Russia or else face the consequences.
The use of primitive brute force by the West leaves the free world cold.
When the West calls itself the ‘Free World’ it is a euphemism, a misnomer.
Today, Biden is falsely claims the US has intelligence that China is planning to give Russia lethal weapons and threatening that if China goes through with such, it would unleash sanctions on China.
It is a rule of terror.
Do what the American and its allies want or face its wrath.
It’s a free world, they forget.
They conveniently forget that all people are equal, and have the right to self-determination as the UN Charter outlines.
But to them this freedom means freedom for the West to pursue its imperialist interests, its unbridled capitalist greed.
Outside that no freedom is recognised.
China must not give weapons to Russia they dictate, but the US, to date, has availed military assistance to Ukraine to the tune of 31 billion, if not more, and the rest of NATO, at least 17 billion worth of military assistance in cash and kind.
So the West has the right to do this, but woe unto you China if you dare give Putin military assistance, we will gang up against you and destroy you.
This is who the West is.
The world turns a blind eye to this at its own peril.
The Chinese are not free to determine who their friends are and how to assist them but America and its allies are.
People of the world, we of Zimbabwe included, have fought wars against imperialists so that we would live as free and equal citizens, not subjects of America and its allies.
We are not their subjects and their masquerading as champions of freedom and democracy does not fool us.
The ICC never indicted George W. Bush, nor Blair for such heinous crimes against Iraq and Libya, among others, but is brazenly indicting President Putin.
It is a mockery of peoples of the world, a deep denigration of them as humans of equal worth, for a few nations of the West led by the US to set up a kangaroo court and give it international status.
Where does its jurisdiction derive its mandate from? What is the source of its power over the rest of the world? Make up your own courts and try yourselves, we are not your subjects nor slaves why should we be tried by you willy-nilly?
The ICC is not part of the UN and it is utterly powerless unless the peoples of the world themselves are suicidal and agree to be trapped in its tentacles of Western capitalist greed.
President Putin was indicted by the West a long time ago, because he is a threat to Western imperialist interests, and now they are desperate.
Ukraine is ‘Project Destroy Russia from a base at its doorstep’ and all of us are being commandeered to help America and its allies succeed in this vile plan.
Putin scares them as a representative of Russia’s unwavering strength and, therefore, must be destroyed by whatever means necessary.
The West never learns from history.
The First World War as well as the second decimated Europe and killed millions.
They think they are smart this time around because the wars are actually fought outside the borders of the big powers, in the countries where they forage for illicit wealth; they think they are safe in the homeground where they manufacture weapons to destroy other nations and peoples — the fire they light shall still engulf them, they the perpetrators.


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