IT is always correct to know who you are because that way you maintain normalcy and sanguineness in your life.

We are a people who have to be at peace with God and ourselves. 

In Zimbabwe, we are not permitted to let each vile thing prosper, it is the surest way to disensconce from Musikavanhu.

It is common knowledge that promiscuity is anathema in this land, that we cannot be vanyai vaMusikavanhu if we nest this defilement.

The Western materialistic view of man is that he is primarily a physical being to be exploited at will for capitalist gain. 

That the human is a soul and ensconces a spirit is an Africanist view, not theirs. 

Therefore, that man is a moral being is not primary to them; to them what serves materialism overrides everything. 

This is where we cross ways.

Thus where we find solutions to our problems is not where they find theirs. 

Their solution to problems is at the material level, hence they say: ‘Everyman has his price’. 

Literally, for them you can buy anyone, there is no-one who cannot be bought. 

This says that each human can be reduced to their lust for what is material — be it money, sex or power. 

But this is not who we are.

Where we find solutions to our problems is deep within our philosophy, within in our souls, within our age-old attitudes, values, feelings, within our norms and values, within the ways of our ancestors. 

Ubuntu/hunhu is the defining fundamental for us. 

When we look for solutions to our problems, these must be aligned to our hunhu/ubuntu.

Thus, when we raise our children, it behoves us to teach them the ways of our forefathers, the ways of our people, as well as the ways of the land.

It is not correct to say to the girl-child ‘Don’t sleep with boys because you will get pregnant’.

We want to tell them: ‘You are the future mothers of the land, you are imbued with the precious gift to raise the children of this great land and you have a great mission, so look after yourself’. 

We want to tell them: ‘You are the most precious gift to the land and without you there is no nation; protect yourself, only a prince of the land deserves you, he who fulfils each teaching of our forefathers’.

A real woman waits for a true prince and a true prince waits for marriage to wed his chosen bride first. 

We want to teach them that womanhood is special, they do not need to trust anyone. 

Too many are cunning and preying on the jewels of the land.

What we need to do is to cultivate the values of our people in them, to be virtuous and chaste. 

These are the values our mothers raised us on and our grandmothers passed on. 

These are the ways of our people. 

The girls of this land are African and will listen to African voices and respect them. 

The girls of this land want to be told that they are budding African women who have everything to offer, including beauty, brains, love and compassion. 

They are not dolls to be dressed up for vultures to prey on.

They need to be reminded that they are not born to be sexual objects but to realise the beautiful special dreams each holds deep in their souls and, therefore, should not allow themselves to be derailed by lecherous males who see nothing in them but a biological entity.

As Africans, what is correct is to appeal to the best in them; their sense of right or wrong, good and bad, ugly and beautiful; to respect their souls, their bodies, their minds and their hearts and, therefore, to cultivate the correct values in them.

It is not correct to give in to NGOs who beseech us to treat our children like dogs, cats, horses or cattle that have to be sprayed or injected with substances to stop them procreating. 

Our children are not animals without an intellect and moral sense. 

We can still talk to them and teach them correctly.  

We can still interface with them and guide them.

We do not need to treat them like stubborn mules that cannot be controlled except by a yoke. 

Our children are humans, not animals.

We have no reason to sentence our children to a life of lust of the flesh by claiming they cannot be taught morals so they should have contraceptives at their disposal. 

It is the harshest criminality to do this to our children. We do not want to lose these precious jewels who grace our land. 

They have too much to contribute to a great Zimbabwe. In themselves, they should realise and live the beautiful dreams in them. 

MaDzimbahwe vana ava, this is their right, their heritage.

Before the invasion of our land by armed robbers from Britain, before the intrusion of Western decadence and materialism, our people raised young men and women who respected themselves. 

We must battle this monster from the West instead of giving in to its ravages. 

Our destiny is in our hands unless we surrender it to the marauding foreigner and this would be a declaration of war against Musikavanhu.

Western-funded NGOs would turn our children into deviants, therefore, what kind of society can they build? 

Who will control who?

These are not our ways.

During the liberation struggle, we had thousands of schoolchildren in both Mozambique and Zambia, but had no child pregnancies. 

We did not look for contraceptives, but taught the children what was correct and they adhered to that. 

Tisaite choupombwe muhondo yeChimurenga,” is the cardinal rule, the teaching which protected us all. 

Today’s children are no different. 

If they are taught the correct things, they will flower and mature into citizens proudly Zimbabwean and guided by hunhu/ubuntu.

Let us not dehumanise our children by pretending the only way to control them is by giving them contraceptives. 

They are not so corrupt, hence let us appeal to their inner selves by teaching them the norms and values of our people.


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